Putting things In hierarchies (system of levels) makes sense to me Animals are important in my life My home has a recycling system in place I enjoy studying biology, botany and/or zoology I spend a great deal of time outdoors I Section 2 I easily pick up on patterns I used In Section 2: I focus in on noise and sounds Moving to a beat is easy for me I've always been interested in playing an instrument (rhythm/speed) of poetry Intrigues me I remember things by putting them In a rhyme The cadence many kinds of music Musicals are more interesting than dramatic plays Remembering song lyrics is easy for me

I Section 3 I keep my things neat and orderly I used in Section 3: Step-by step directions are a big help Solving problems comes easily to me I get easily frustrated with disorganized people I can complete calculations quickly in my head Puzzles requiring reasoning are fun I can't begin an assignment until all my questions are answered Structure helps me be successful I find working on a computer spreadsheet or database rewarding have to make sense to me or I am dissatisfied I Section 4 Things It is important to see my role in the "big picture" of things I Total number of

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I used in Section 4: I enjoy discussing questions about life Religion is important to me I enjoy viewing art masterpieces Relaxation and meditation exercises are rewarding I like visiting breathtaking sites in nature I enjoy reading ancient and modern philosophers Learning new things is easier when I understand their value I wonder if there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe Studying history and ancient culture helps give me perspective I learn best interacting with others I used in Section 5: "The more the merrier" Study groups are very productive for me

I enjoy chat rooms Participating in politics is important Television and radio talk shows are enjoyable I am a "team player" I dislike working alone Clubs and extracurricular activities are fun I pay attention to social issues and causes I Section 6 I enjoy making things with my hands I used in Section 6: Sitting still for long periods of time is difficult for me games and sports I value non-verbal communication such as sign language important for a fit mind Arts and crafts are enjoyable pastimes Expression through dance is beautiful I like working with tools I live an active lifestyle

I learn by doing I Section 7 I enjoy reading all kinds of materials I enjoy outdoor A fit body is Taking notes helps me remember and understand I faithfully (routine/ always) contact friends through letters and/or e-mail It is easy for me to explain my ideas to others I keep a Journal Word puzzles like crosswords and Jumbles are fun I write for pleasure I enjoy playing with words like puns, anagrams and spoonerisms languages interest me Foreign Debates and public speaking are activities I like to participate in Section 8 I am keenly aware of my moral beliefs I used in Section.