Intelligence is primarily innate. Discuss. Intelligence is defined as the general biological mental ability, Including logical Intelligence, linguistic intelligence, Inter-personal Intelligence and so on. Len addition, It has long time that some physical characteristics are biologically determined by genetic Inheritance, but there are some arguments whether Intelligence Is basically effected by gene. This essay firstly examines the arguments against the Intelligence Is primarily Influenced by gene, followed by some evidences to emphasize Intelligence

Is affected by environment and education. First of all, It could be argued that an Individual's Intelligence Is Influenced by their genetic endowment. Most of researchers believe basic intelligence is innate. Good genetic quality is the foundation and natural conditions of the mental development. Moreover, it seems that intelligence is connected with the brain. According to Edmonds (n. D. ), because frontal lobes appeared to be controlled by genetics, the results indicate that parents pass along the potential for their child. However, intelligence is still influenced firmly by many external elements.

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Consequently, it is apparent that intelligence is highly modifiable by the environment. On one hand, Belch (2010 ) has claimed that a genius could not grow up in a poor environment . For example, many children in Holland went to school late because of Nazi occupation during World Warble. Based on the event, the result of the research showed that the average IQ of these children are lower than those children who came to school after the war. On the other hand, family environment is as important as society environment. In different family environments, the approaches o treat the children are totally different.

Some parents provide a rich environmental stimulation for children, such as some musical toys hanging on the ceiling, and their baby can learn to catch something quickly. On the contrast, those babies who were not be given the stimulate would delay the appearance of the behavior. Therefore, a superior environment is a fantastic basic of genius. Lastly, It Is strongly believed that education Is another vital element affects Intelligence. Family education affects the Intelligence of child, parents would Like to educate children early and ask them to have some habits.

It pushes the development of children's Intelligence. Moreover, the child's ethics, behavior, thoughts, and even personality, is closely related to family education. In addition, higher intelligence tends to prolonged schooling education and higher IQ (Neil, 2007). Schooling education is more beneficial to the development of intelligence, because school is a fantastic place to train the intelligence which has plans and organization. Therefore, are influenced by genetic factors which will be induced to optimize their intellectual velveteen to varying degrees.