Creative strategies are broadly classified as involving either informational or transformational appeals Messages delivered by attractive or popular sources can potentially achieve higher attention and recall, which is why advertisers often use celebrities as spokespeople 04::: Select the Communications Channels: Selecting efficient channels to carry the message becomes more difficult as channels of communication become more fragmented and cluttered Personal Communications Channels: Personal hannels of communication involve two or more persons communicating directly face-to-face, person-to-audience, over the telephone, or through e-mail Non-personal Communications Channels : This is a One-to-many communication and not face-to- face.

It includes the following: - Media - Sales Promotions - Events and experiences - Public Relations 05::: Establish the Total Marketing Communications Budget: The different methods or techniques are: The Affordable Method Percentage of Sales Method Competitive Parity Method Objective and Task Method 06::: Deciding on the Marketing Communications Mix: Each communication has its wn unique characteristics and costs too: Advertising: Advertising has the following qualities: Pervasiveness Amplified expressiveness Impersonality Sales Promotion: It possesses the 3 following distinctive benefits: Communication Incentive Invitation Public relations and publicity: Its appeal is based on 3 distinct qualities: High credibility Ability to catch buyers off guard Dramatization Each communication has its own unique characteristics and costs too: Events and Experiences: 3 distinctive characteristics: Relevant Involving Implicit Direct

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Personal selling: 3 distinctive characteristics: Personal interaction Cultivation Response 07::: Measure the Communication Results: Senior management must know the outcomes and the revenues from communication investments Factors such as Reach, Frequency, Recall and recognition scores, Persuasion changes, cost-per- thousand calculations are some of the ways that we monitor and understand the investments pay-off A formal measurement of each of the above and more is done to establish the impact of the communication 08::: Managing the Integrated Marketing Communications Process: Integrated arketing communications is a concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan A plan like this must evaluate the strategic roles of a variety of communications disciplines The widest range of communications tools, messages, and audience makes it imperative that companies move towards integrated marketing communications IMC advocates looking at the whole process instead of focusing on individual parts only The IMC Plan IMC for Small Businesses and Entreprene Internet Marketing Integration tools Evaluating an Integrated Marketing Program Trade Promotions Consumer Promotions Personal Selling, Database Marketing,