Information, whether they forget or Incoherent and unable to rely that Information. Technology In the surgical field also developed greatly. With the use of robotic mechanics, surgeons are able to perform procedures more accurately. And finally, technology increased patients' longevity of life. The use of electronic devices has re- started stopped hearts and alerted physicians to unseen ailments. Another way that technology has served society is through education. One way technology has improved education is through online education via the internet.

There are numerous students that would not be able to further their education thou the availability of online courses. Technology allows for easier accessibility to information for students and teachers. With Just a few clicks of a mouse, a whole world of information is available. Finally, technology allows interaction globally. Students are able to communicate with other students across the globe with the use of Skips and other communication programs. The third way technology has improved society is in the business area. Technology has increased profit through speedier business transactions.

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Businesses are able to trade goods and ship them across the globe. Technology increases productivity. It allows workers to input information into the computer and create charts; therefore, they no longer have to manually create them. And finally, technology enhances business communication. Phone and web conferences allow workers to gather and speak without having to travel to do so. Technology has improved all of our lives through our health care system, education system, and business system. I believe that as time passes, our technology will advance even further. Technology advancements will advance our society as a whole.

Information Technology's Effect on Sorcery By heathenishly instance, technology has contributed greatly in health care, education, and business worldwide. If society didn't have the advancements of technology as we do today; There are numerous ways that technology has improved health care. The first way technology has aided is through electronic medical charts. This allows the physician to access vital health information when a patient is unable to provide that information, whether they forget or incoherent and unable to rely that information. Technology in the surgical field also developed greatly.