TO INTEGRATE information technology in all courses. Laptops, projectors and electronic white boards are some of the tools that SSS Droopnath Ramphul wants to invest in. This college wants to boost its teaching through new methods, in particular by initiating interactive sessions with institutions from Rajasthan and Chennai in India. According to Neeru Beeharry Panray, the director, "it's all about a more adapted approach to the evolution of our society. It will equip our students with new aptitudes in communication as well as in the handling of TIC's".

This school establishment has, in fact, heavily invested in those IT tools. Thus, all the classrooms are equipped with Internet connections, whereas each laboratory is equipped with a laptop and a projector. Those computers can be used during physics experiments where data is converted into precise graphs in a short lapse of time. "We believe that the use of image and sound are key ways to attract a student's attention in class, resulting in a shift of interest in students; they are more keen to learn and increase their knowledge", Neeru Beeharry Panray specifies.

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Putting emphasis on interaction and visual needs. As for the school library, a dozen of computers were placed at the disposition of both the students and teachers wishing to carry out research on the Web. The SSS Droopnath Ramphul also has an audio visual room where an electronic white board, a projector as well as a broadband Internet connection are available for video conferences as well as for presentations related to the different academic programs. The electronic white board is connected to a laptop. The user can thus make use of that board with the help of a specially designed pen.

"While making classes more interactive and visually more attractive, our aim is to encourage students to come to class more promptly. We plan to reach that aim with the support of the latest advances information technology", explains Soundara Rajen Veerapen, head of the Computer Studies department. He underlines that: "It is essential to develop the student's learning capacities in such a way that it will be helpful for their personal development and at the same time give them a better positioning in the outside world.

For example, students are allowed to have interactive sessions with other students of their same age group from Rajasthan or Chennai, in India. The teachers have, for their part, monthly work sessions with pedagogues and head of international schools for exchange of ideas and the development of new teaching approaches. The SSS Droopnath Ramphul has been ranked amongst the 31 most innovative schools throughout the world. The college was chosen by Microsoft, who fosters this pilot scheme.


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