I was introduced to Information System and all of its components which are People, which refer to the ones who used, manage and maintain the program. Procedures, which include the strategies, policies, methods. They are the rules and guidelines for the users of the software. Software, which is the other name for the programs. There are two kinds of software. System Software which helps the computer manage its own internal resources and Application Software which can be described as the end user software.

Hardware refers to the equipment that helps the user interact with the computer. It processes date to become information. And last is Data they are the raw and unprocessed facts like text, numbers, images and sounds. The four kinds of data are Document Files, Worksheet Files, Database Files and Presentation Files. I also learned about the different types of computers. They are arranged in to four groups which are Super computers, they are the most powerful and largest type of computer. Mainframe Computer, who are capable of great processing speeds and data storage.

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Minicomputers or Midrange computers, they are In-between the capabilities of Midrange and Microcomputers. And last but not the least Is the Microcomputers which are the least powerful but the most abundant among the rest. Connectivity Is the capability of microcomputer to share Information with other computers. Wireless communication is possible thru the use of smartness, tablets and laptops. The internet Is the largest network In the world connecting millions of end users around the globe. Careers In IT are Webmaster, Technical writer, Network administrator, Database administrator, Systems analyst, Programmer and a whole lot more.