Also, the driver has to get the consent of those parents before using any Information given to them by the children. Furthermore, whether studying, shopping, surfing or chatting, children are blind to the fact that there are bad people who get their Information and use It for all the wrong reasons. Advances In Information Technology The internet is a worldwide tool that is used for many different reasons. The Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000 and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 is a product of advances in information technologies.

Regrettably, the internet can be used anywhere and anytime. The wireless fidelity, Bluetooth networks, and ultra wide-band network all give access to internet from any cell phone, computers, laptops, or tablets (Rainier Jar. & Celsius, 2007). In addition, this creates a problem for minors because there are many online predators looking for ways to transition children into their world of viciousness. As a result, advance in information technology has created eye openers for every parent around the world.

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The advance In Information technology opened Issues that needed to be addressed because Children depend on adults to protect them.