Answer Standard Physical Object Personal Question 130 A(n) _ attack is a hacker using a personal computer to break into a system. Answer indirect hardware software direct Question 131 A computer is the of an attack when it is used to conduct the attack. Answer object subject TA urge facilitator Question 132 of information is the quality or state of being genuine or original. Answer Authenticity Confidentiality Spoofing Authorization Question 133 In file hashing, a file is read by a special algorithm that uses the value of the bits in the file to compute a single large number called a value.

Answer hashing code hash key presents a comprehensive information security model and has become a widely accepted evaluation standard for the security of information systems. Answer IEEE 802. 1 ICC) INSISTS NO. 401 1 ISO 17788 NIST SP 800-12 Question 135 An information system is the entire set of people, procedures, and networks that make possible the use of information resources in the organization. Answer data All of the above Question 136 The most successful kind of top-down approach involves a formal development strategy referred to as a .

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Answer systems schema systems development life cycle systems design development life project Question 137 The is a methodology for the design and implementation of an information yester in an organization. Answer OSDL DSL COLD LCD Question 138 model consists of six general phases. Pitfall spays waterfall AS&D Question 139 During the phase, specific technologies are selected to support the alternatives identified and evaluated in the logical design.

Answer implementation physical design investigation analysis Question 140 Which of the following phases is the longest and most expensive phase of the systems development life cycle? Answer maintenance and change logical design Question 141 Organizations are moving toward more -focused development approaches, seeking to improve not only the functionality of the systems they have in place, but consumer confidence in their product. Answer accessibility availability security Question 142 Part of the logical design phase of the Secedes is planning for partial or catastrophic loss. Estates what steps are taken when an attack occurs. Answer Continuity planning Security response Disaster recovery Incident response Question 143 is the individual primarily responsible for the assessment, management, and implementation of information security in the organization. Answer ass COT CIO ISO Question 144 Which of the following is a valid type of data ownership? Data owners Data users Question 145 People with the primary responsibility for administering the systems that house the information used by the organization perform the role.

Answer security professionals system administrators security policy developers end users Question 146 Which of the following functions does information security perform for an organization? Answer Protecting the organization's ability to function. Enabling the safe operation of applications implemented on the organization's IT systems. Protecting the data the organization collects and uses. All of the above. Question 147 agreements that can be used to support the entire information infrastructure of an organization.