Operational excellence begins by organizations aligning their philosophy in a way that outlines objectives through problem solving, leadership and teamwork. Many organizations try to continually make changes with the goal of achieving operational excellence. Information Systems is similarly executed by using these principles as a way to achieve excellence.

The central goal is o achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency by using systems to establish procedures that will better manage information and processes. This can take place in many ways whether it's by communicating with employees or working with a business's supply chain. | 2. Information Technology I Information technology is necessary for the successful profitable functioning of any business entity. In the present day market we can see the new challenges for managers, and how these challenges need to be dealt with effectively for our organizations to attain the goals envisioned.

Our managers will have to deal with the following issues: globalization and business reengineering. Globalization involves taking a worldwide perspective of the firm's business - its challenges and opportunities, markets, customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees. Business reengineering is the fundamental analysis and redesign of everything associated with a business area to achieve dramatic performance improvement. Information technology helps managers understand what's really happening in any given company at any given time.

It helps managers make smarter decisions about investing your hard earned money and it makes your cuisines more efficient. | 3. The difference between IT and information systems. I Information technology (IT) is all of the hardware and software that a business may need to use in order to reach its objectives. Information systems are a set of interrelated components that retrieve, process, store and then distribute information which is used for control in organizations and to support decision making.

The different between information technology and information systems is that information technology is the design, development, implementation, support or management of the information system and the information system is the interaction teen the people, processes, and technology. | 4. Customer and supplier intimacy I Customer and supplier intimacy strategy utilizes information systems to develop strong ties and loyalty with customers and suppliers. Parties, customers and suppliers are important to firm.

Strengthening customer and supplier intimacy can be an extremely effective strategy in itself. Through making transactions in general easier and more user friendly for both customers and suppliers, the intimacy of the firm and customer/supplier will increase. This offers great incentive for both customer and supplier to continue doing business with the firm. Customer intimacy is the largest basis of the growth, competitive advantage and profit. | 5. Competitive advantage Everyday things In ten world today change Decease AT globalization.

Factors that matter in the area of competition between firms are also changing. Competitive advantage is what a firm does differentiating itself from its competitors, in other words creating something that your customers perceives more valuable than what other competitors are offering. The result of competitive advantage is that as a firm you will be able to win the fair share of your targeted racket without resorting to reduce the price of your products. If you create and offer a high valued product for your targeted customers, you have created a competitive advantage.

I List 5 professions that would benefit from this learning unit. Briefly explain, in 15-25 words, why. 1 . Marketing is a profession that can benefit from information system to improve customer and supplier intimacy. | 2. Management information system is field that deal with behavior issues as well as technical issues surrounding the development, use, and impact of information system. | 3. Auto manufacturer and statutory can use website to allow customer to customize cars. You can also use information system to track customer preference in local areas. 4. Information systems changed forever the way accounting tasks are processed. Information system helps their speed, classification and safety.