I. What things do you remember from your childhood? a. Pool Parties b. Sleepover with cousins c. Camping trips and vacations II. What jobs have you had in your life? a. Busgirl b. Rides Operator c. Teacher/Counselor d. Area Manager e. Cashier III. What were your hobbies? a. Photography b. Craft making c. Playing house/school IV. What are your greatest achievements so far? a. Graduating high school b. Meeting my boyfriend c. Going back to school V. What would make you happy in the future? a. Getting married b. Starting a family c. Buying a house d. Graduating from college and getting my dream job VI.

What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? a. Graduating college and getting my degree b. Becoming a daycare teacher c. Starting a family within the next two to three years Contents My Life2 Childhood Memories2 Pool Parties2 Sleepover With Cousins2 Family Vacations2 Jobs3 Busgirl3 Rides Operator3 After School Counselor3 Area Manager3 Cashier3 Hobbies4 Photography4 Making Crafts4 Playing House4 Greatest Achievements4 Graduating High School4 Meeting my current boyfriend4 Making Me Happy5 My Goals For the Future5 My Life My life the past 27 years have been a mix of positive and negative experiences.

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I had planned on going to college and graduating but that didn’t happen, and I regret it. I will present a brief description of a few of those experiences that have gotten me to where I am today. I will also look at some of the goals I want to accomplish in the near future. Childhood Memories My parents divorced when I was 5, so I grew up in both parents’ houses and had lots of fun at both of them. When my brother and I would stay at our dad’s, we always had fun. Pool Parties During the summers, my dad would always have pool parties. I remember everyone in our family coming over and even his work friends and their families would come over.

We always had lots of food, played games, and of course had fun swimming. Sleepover with Cousins When we were little our cousins would always stay over when we were at our dad’s. It was always fun when they came over because we would always somehow find a way to get into trouble. But we would never really get in trouble; we would just be really loud and annoy our parents when we should have been sleeping. But we always had fun. Family Vacations The best part about my childhood was going camping and going on vacations. The best vacation that I have been on was when my mom and her ex-boyfriend took my brother and me to Florida for vacation.

We went to Disney World and got to camp in the campground near there. We visited all the parks and even got to be in one of the parades. It was really fun and I wish I could go back soon. Jobs When I was in high school, I had quite a few jobs. Busgirl My first job was as a busgirl at a local restaurant in my town. I enjoyed the job because it was right off the water and we got lots of boaters during the summer so we were always busy. Rides Operator After high school, I worked at Great America as a rides operator. I worked in the kiddy area and had lots of fun. It was only a summer job, so it didn’t last that long. After School Counselor

After that when I started college, I got a job as an afterschool counselor working with K-5th graders. That was a fun job because I got to spend the afternoon with the kids and I got to be with them the whole school year for two years. It was sad to leave them when I left the school and I still to this day think about those kids. Area Manager The last major job I had was working at an inventory company. I started there in 2005 as a team member and left there as an area manager. I think it was one of the best jobs I had because that is where I met my current boyfriend, but I will talk about him more in a little bit.

Cashier I have had quite a few cashier jobs in my life, but the one that sticks out the most is the one I have now. I work at Blockbuster and found out that the store is closing, and I will be sad to go when we finally close our doors in a few weeks for the last time. Hobbies I had lots of hobbies when I was younger, but only a couple of them stick out. Photography My favorite hobby was and still is photography. I love taking pictures and if I didn’t major in Early Childhood, I would have majored in Photography. I have lots of pictures and still enjoy taking pictures.

Making Crafts I also loved making crafts with friends. I would make lots of fun things and lots of art projects. To this day, I have a box full of crafts that I have made from school, day camp, and work. My niece loves doing crafts also so I will help her do some when I have her over or when I am with her. Playing House One of the best things to do when we were little was to play school and house. I would always want to play school when my friends would come over and I would always be the teacher, and I think that’s why I want to be a teacher. Greatest Achievements

I am very proud of myself for achieving the biggest goals that I set out to do. Graduating High School When I graduated high school, that was the biggest thing I was proud of myself for doing. My dad never graduated high school and neither did my brother, so I wanted to prove to them that I could do it, and I did. Meeting my current boyfriend Meeting my current boyfriend was the best thing that happened to me. I just got out of a 5 year relationship where I pretty much got left at the altar 3 months before I was supposed to get married to my ex. He has been my rock and support since the day we met.

He is my biggest encouragement to go back to school and I am happy because I want to finally get my degree and I love him for that. Making Me Happy The biggest things that would make me happy would be to get married, buy a house, and start a family with my boyfriend. I also want to graduate from college and get my dream job of becoming a teacher at a daycare. I am so happy with my current boyfriend and hope I can make those things come true very soon. My Goals for the Future My goals are pretty much the same as what would make me happy because I really want to get my degree and finally say I finished college.

I also want to become a daycare teacher and hopefully one day open my own daycare. The biggest thing I want to do is start a family and hopefully have at least two kids. Since I am always around my niece and friends with kids, it makes me want to have my own kids and I hope I can make that come true soon. As I stated in the beginning of the paper, the last 27 years of my life have been a mix of positive and negative feelings. But the biggest thing for me has been to go back to college and earn my degree.