It makes conclusion from different observation. Actually, it newer consider the reality just environments and factors and the observation is very limited which may be analogous, historial and multiple independently sourced. The conclusion is likely to a single number, a fixed strategy or a single course of action. The outcome may not be reliable and useful due to the inacurracy of historial data, prejudies and unreliability; forced analogy when the variables and environment are difference or poorly understood and inherit inaccuracy.

Analytic-Deductive Enquiry Similar to inductive consensual enquiry, analytic-deductive enquiry there is always one single answer for which can always be found if only one look hard enough. The define of the problem is very decisive without other alternatives. The definition of the problem itself is unproblematic. The conclusion is only derived only from deduction without any evidence to support and even ignore the real case. The conclusion is drawn only from the fallacious equation that if A then B, if then C.

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The problem whole will inevitably be greater than the sum of it parts due to messiness, the interactroy % its components. Therefore, the two simple enquiry methods are difficult to accept. Multiple Reality Enquiry It considers different elements and from different points of views for examples, from management, from operator, from employee and from customers etc. However, all the participants in the definition of the problem will have their own unique theory and background.

The solutions from each observer and analyst will always be subjective to a certain extent even the final decision made form the decision maker. The result of this enquiry is a range of representations of the problem, and an represent range of solutions, which can be applied, synthesized or discarded. The decision based upon the enquiry seems work risky so it gives political for multiple answers. Dialectic Enquiry Dialectic enquiry is also one complex enquiry systems even it devices only one single answer.

However, it probes deeply into issues and acts as a practical decision making tool. Rather than challenge the data, dialectic challenges the subjective assumptions, models and theories by which problem are aifored and solutions postulated. Dialectic considers both sides of a negative/positive problem. List out all the pros and cons of the problem and then debate itself to make the solution or which is compromising, synthesis and objective. Unbounded System Thinking It brings out the idea that under the whole system, there are still many sub-systems.

All the sub-systems are correlated. The change of one sub-system may affect the other. Hence, they are not at an individual component level but functions of the whole. The unbounded system thinking is another complex enquiry system. Different from multiple reality enquiry which emphasis on the consideration from different view points. The unbounded system thinking is more it that the attributes are correlated. The inductive-consenual enquiry and analytic enquiry are the simple low risk enquiries.

The multiple reality enquiry, dialect enquiry and unbounded system thinking are the complex, high risk enquiries. As the reality is very complicated. As IT professional should adopt the complex enquiry system to far over IS strategic planning and development and the most idea goal is to reach the unbounded system thinking. My Reflective Summary Key assumptions/prejudies I have a strong feeling that this assignment is a disaster to those who are not working/relating in any IT or business fields and have no concept about these fields just like me.

So, I was under great pressure and anxiety. My classmate, tutor and the course consultant have different thinking. Some only if you English written skills are good enough then you can do the task well, some think IT professional or businessmen can't take the advantage since their knowledge are too technical for this assignment. This situation similar to the multiple reality enquiry. At least, I still insist that goods sense of IT knowledge is very important for completing the tasks since I faced many difficulties during the process.

I only agree that English standard and writing skills are basic need for writing every essay writing. From my understanding, the approach on doing task 1 to list out the eco. pol & soc. Changes/impacts like internet. When I discussed it with 3 classmate, two more approaches raised from them. After debating, is seemed that the analysis from one of the classmates is quite reasonable and appropriate. Therefore we all agreed with has approach (Dialect enquiry). The adoption of his approach was proved to be correct later for out tutor.