Indonesia is one of developing country in Southest Asia. This country name come from Indus that mean India and Nesos that mean island. So the Indonesia word means islands in Inda's region. Indonesia has a large sea territory, that is why Indonesia popular with the name of maritime country. Indonesia also noted as Nusantara that from Nusa means island and Antara means between, so it means the island that located between two continents and oceans. In geografi Indonesia that located in Asia contenen is located between the continent of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  While in astronomi, Indonesia is located at 6o North Latitude - 11o South Latitude and 95o East Longitude - 141o East Longitude. Indonesia has capital city of Jakarta with large area of  1,905 million km² and the coastal line of  99.093 km. This country devided into 34 provinces and 17,504 islands. With the amoun of population in 2016 is ±262 million. In Indonesia there are six religions that recognized with the state namely islam, catholic, protestant, hindu, budha, and konghucu. The majority religion of the society is islam. Indonesia also rich with tribe and culture, there are 1,340 tribe with the most amount of  Javanese ethnic which in Java island. Although Indonesian people have many differences, all the citizen live in peace. It  accordance with the state of country "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" that is mean  although difference remain one.Indonesia is rich of natural resources, for the mining the resources from petroleum, tin, natural gas, nickel, wood, bauxite, fertile soil, coal, gold and silver. While the land use is devided for agricultural land by 10%, plantations by 7%, grasslands by 7%, forests and forested areas by 62%, and others by 14%.Base on statistic, Indonesia has  70.18 of  index of human development with 22 million people of labor force and 114 million people of labor. In which 4,374,341 people of them is civil servants or around 1.7% of the Indonesian's population. Indonesia GovernmentIndonesia has unity as the state form with republic government. In which the head of the state is a president whose is holding power as head of state and head government. In reality, there are many part of parliamentary system of government enter into the system of government Indonesia. It can be conluded that the system of governance in Indonesia is combination government system, which is combination of presidential government and parliamentary government. Indonesia has canged government system for many times. Start from the idenpendent day (1945-1949), Indoensia had presidential givernment system. Than the government system changed into parliamentary in 1949-1950, parliamentary with liberal democracy in 1950-1959, presidential in guided democracy system in 1959-1968, presidential system (new order) in 1968-1998, and reform system in 1998 until now. At this time Indonesia  is lead by President Joko Widodo and vice president Jusuf Kalla. In government, they are assisted by ministers who come from professional circles, and politician. The cabinet in this era call "cabinet work" that consist of four coordinating ministry, 30 ministers, four ministerial level officials, three Head of Non-Ministerial Government Institution, three heads of non-structural institution, and three vice ministers.When the president was forming his cabinet, he consulted the list of ministers name to the corruption eradication commission first. Whether the name has corruption cases or not. The president already started to run the clean government system of corruption. Until 2017, President Jokowi already do reshuffle cabinet for four times. The first reshuffle was in 12 August 2015 that changed five ministers, the second reshuffle was in 27 July 2016, the third reshuffle was in 14 October 2016 that changed the minister of energy and mineral resources, and the last in 17 January 2018 that changed one ministry and two three heads of non-structural institution.In government, President Jokowi run the organization of management that make everything effective and can master the field, and also bureaucratic reform system to solve corruption problem in this country. Bureucratic reform also make reformation and changes to the system of governance, especially organization aspects, the management, and human resources apparatus. It puts the important value of rationalization that build efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity through equitable hierarchical and horizontal division of labor. It is measured by the ratio of volume or task load to the amount of resources with formalistic and strict supervision. 

My Role In Country

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In Indonesia I work as local
government employee in West Sumatera Province at Regional Planning Development
Agency. I work in this place since last year of 2010 that placed in the
economic and regional development division. My responsibility is regional
planning and development area with the main job is spatial planning and
environment. My supervisor alwas involve me in making dokumen of regional
planning development of West Sumatera Province for the spatial part, and making
dokumen of spatial planning of West Sumatera Province. Beside that I also involve
in evaluation discussion of regional planning develomen of city and regency,
and evaluation of spatial planning of city and regency in West Sumatera Province.
Not often I am involved in preparing budget of physical and environment
development in West Sumatera Province.

In doing my job I have to do
coordination with all the local agency of province and regency/city government,
and sometimes I have to coordination with the related ministry too. I have to
sinkronise the programme that will run for five years, and monitor the program
that already run every year.

I have experience in making of
regional planning development of the sort time for two period. This dokumen is
translation of governor and vice governor' vision and mission that will run for
sort time (five years). From that I know that there are some programe in
development planning that made with the government before sometimes did not
continue with the further government, except the programme is mention in the dokumen
of national planning development or island planning development , or long time
planning development of province itself (10 years).

The same with the preparing of
regional planning development document, I also has experience in making
government document of spatial planning. Most of spatial planning documents are
plan for long term (20 years) with the revision every five year. The programme
in the spatial planning have to be sincron with the development planning
documents, whether the long term period document or the short term period
document. It is done to make the sustainable development in West Sumatera