With the increase of demographic, the quantity of demand in the market also increase. And the teenagers are prefer to choose fast food than the aged. Comparing with others food industry, fast food is cheaper than others, when the economic depression, the fast food industry is prosperity relatively. The main factors that contributed to Crust's success and to Orb's poor performance Crust First, the Crust's founder, Costa Anastasia, identified a "market gap". In 2001, there are many restaurants that offer pizza as a part of their menus, nobody can get home- delivered or take-away option.

And The basic strategy is born which is sell convenient pizza(Case study, Document) Second, develop product to satisfy the market need. As the quality of the pizza id the eye consumer requirement, Anastasia perfected special pizza crust that can stayed fresher longer during the delivery-time period. (Case study, Document) Third, make difference with competitors. After choose a ideal location, Instantiations pays attention to two issues: in-store development and staff recruitment. To attract attention of consumer, they design the store to be visually exciting. Case study, Document) Last, keep innovation that it became the first take-away food and gains a significant media attention at that time. (Case study, Document) RIB First, same to Crust, RIB also identifies a "market gap". And also with a same situation, Gourmet burgers is as a part of the menus in the restaurant. And none of then offering gourmet burgers combined with "fast food". (Case study, Document) Second, the founder invests 400,000 1-J pounds of the company. The start-up money is about ten times available for Crust's. Case study, Document) Third, they have an inefficient management. They think the key to achieving their goals is the strong brand equity, it is not pay attention to the quality of the burger. They appoint the agency to give their business professional look. When the first objective is failed, they change another agency. The brand strategy was always changed. (Case study, Document) 1) Product The founder understands that the quality of the pizza would be a key consumer requirement. Crust keep innovation, product the special pizza that can be stayed fresher for longer.

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And for satisfy the market needs, developing the appropriate product is pronunciation. Offering the home-delivered and take- way options, it aims to selling the pizza with a convenience basis. (Case study, Document) 4 2) Place The company chooses an ideal location where have fairly affluent demographic. The location fits for target market. To make different with competitors, they focus on the in-store development and staff recruitment. The stores are designed to modern look, it attracts people's attention and creates the perception of popularity. Case study, 3) People Around the location of stores, there are many younger and trendier people. Making the good relationship with customers. (Case study, Document) Impact With the high quality productions, and the right target market, the company expansions. And it gains the Heart foundation's "tick of approval" as the first take- away food. Having a deep effect on other competitors, like Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut. However, Crust is continuing to ongoing success. RIB aim to replace Junk food an provide a better quality food timely. Dudes,J. 010) Creating "guest burger"- added to the menu for limited times according to suggestions by the customers. Served gourmet burgers ranging standard cheeseburger to Thai chicken burgers. And they choose to use the recyclable cardboard boxes. (Case study, Document) 2) Promotion In order to appeal much more attention from customer, they launched a Free Burger Day. However, it has a disappointed result. Investing money in adverting for their brand strategy. (Case study, Document) 3) Place "At the top end of North End Road, Bang opposite a Burger King" Douses, J. 2010) nearby the existing major fast-food outlets.

The location with higher competitive, and the management Just focus on the people who are seeking a fast-food solution, even though it probably not a right location where are not enough customers to make the location viable. 5 With a wrong place, the company suffers a high competitive with some more mature businesses. Excessive brand awareness makes them pay more attention to advertise, to the quality of the production. Risk from the actions On the surface, Crust pizza has developed a sustainable competitive advantage in the fast-food industry, and it already gets a considerable achievements.

Whereas, it still at risk from the actions of the major pizza chains. First, if they want to maintain the success, Crust Pizza must keep innovation. Base on retain existing customers, innovating the new productions, attract more new customers. Second, there are many competitive business in pizza industry. They should develop more competitive advantage in the pizza industry. Like reducing the cost of reduction, increasing productivity. Conclusion After reviewing this case study, I think implementation is more important.