a story within a story
frame story
writer's personal signature -- not what they say but how they say it
a character that does not change
static character
a character that changes
dynamic character
Phillipe, Danton, Thomas, Pierre Joseph
static characters
dynamic character
becoming immune
"I told you that I had one Book with me. I have spent these years hiding that Book in my heart."
Pierre Joseph
"Indeed, I think it may have been that bird that won her heart. That's why you and I are going to close up shop and pay a visit to old Michel this afternoon."
Jacques' father
"It's Papa. He's gone after Latude!"
"I can see you are unaccustomed to patience, but I would wager that I am not like most of your other customers. They may not understand the value of hard labor, but I do."
"I was after what he owed me! I meant no harm. I lost my head, but if you let me explain-"
"It is your heart - not your circumstances - that will determine whether you become a man of honor or disgrace."
Pierre Joseph
"I know now that the water He gives becomes a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life."
"Tell him that even though I cannot come to him, I know that he will one day come to me. and tell him that I won't mind waiting."
Pierre Joseph
Who is truly responsible for the life likeness of the wax figures?
Anne Marie
What does the mob outside Dr. Curtius' shop want?
wax heads of their heroes
What is Pierre Joseph's opinion of Danton?
horrid and cannot be trusted
How has Jacques' opinion of Danton changed?
He has gotten used to Danton and because Danton has helped him out so much, he trusts him
Why does Pierre Joseph refuse to sit for Jacques?
he doesn't like the way they are honoring people. He feels that they are worshiping him and doesn't want to be treated that way.
What is the difference between the honor Jacques seeks for himself and the honor Pierre Joseph wishes him to achieve?
Jacques want plain honor but Pierre Joseph wishes that he would get the honor that pleases the Lord and where he is not worshiped by the people.
What new display does Dr. Curtius chose to add to his Den of Thieves?
the guillotine
What information about the past does Pierre Joseph share with Jacques in his letter?
all about his family, his life, and how hi got put into the Bastille.
Why are people displeased about the gallows being replaced by the guillotine?
It is too fast and isn't enough torture
What occupation does Jacques learn from his father?
How does Jacques feel about his father's death?
he is angry and bitter
What has brought about the decline in Jacques' mother's lace business?
She became sick from grief and she was drinking all the time and not eating
Describe Danton
ugly, tall, nice clothes
Why does Danton visit Jacques?
he wanted a small wax medallion made of him to win over a lady
How is Danton kind to Jacques?
He told him he could take as long as he wanted and that he knew it would be perfect. He even paid him half of the money before he even finished.
Are Thomas and Jacques penitent about their crime?
No, they said it was fair because they were only taking what he owed them.
Describe the Calottes.
made for insane people, rats, high at the top of the tower
Describe the regular cells in the Bastille.
regular criminals, lower, people had more privileges
How does Jacques feel toward Pierre Joseph?
He likes him and he wants to let him in on their escape plan. He really likes his book and his songs.
What is an example of descriptive language that we talked about in class?
Foreshadowing - where the author mentions or gives a clue to what is going to happen later in the story.
How does Phillipe respond to Jacques' outburst of rage against De Guiche and Latude?
He agrees to hate them too!
How does Jacques plan to earn a living while remaining in hiding?
By making busts at night and hanging around the city during the day while Phillipe delivers them for him
What is the cabinet?
Dr. Curtius' wax store
What is Jacques going to do at the cabinet?
He is going to work there.
According to Dr. Curtius, why do people enjoy coming to the Den of Thieves?
To see their own enemy in torture.