The topic that I want to research about is how adults can learn better using the technology. Technology is used widely in all our educational activities. Education with advanced technology can be a challenging experience for the adult learners. The young generation is already growing up with the new technology and so It's easy for them to get acquainted to. But for the adults, they are not used to the new technology and they need to find new ways to figure out how they can handle. Adults are more matured and more Independent.

The teachers must create their lesson plans to accommodate these Independent learners to use technology. When structuring technology based lesson plans for the adult learners the teachers need to research about the matured and unique nature of the adult learners and apply that to the curriculum. As Keener and Helmsman (2011) points out that by understanding what makes adult learners different from traditional students, developmental educators can provide specific tools that help adult learners integrate onto the college or university environment and increase their chances for success.

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When we research we need to take into account that most of the adult learners are working families and have children and they are always involved in some kind of social activities. So we need to develop their lesson plans to accommodate those needs.