There is no doubt that the Internet has had a massive impact on the lives of everyone who has access to it. It is a truly fascinating phenomenon because if the Internet were to disappear tomorrow, the majority of people would struggle to manage without it. Here are Just a few of the advantages that the Internet brings to our lives. First of all It provides millions of people with Information that Is updated by the second 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can play a hugely Important role In everything from social networking to worldwide stocks and currencies.

And thanks to search ngines such as Google, billions of pages of Information can be presented to one In less than a second. Now anyone can become a genius. Secondly, with Just the click of a mouse you become connected to someone who Is In another city or even halfway across the world. Distance is erased within seconds and spatial boundaries have come crashing down due to instant messaging services such as MSN. emails, video and voice chat programs such as Skype and the webcam. This is important for both social calls between friends and family to conference calls in multi-million dollar companies.

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The Internet has truly revolutionised the way that the orld communicates. Another advantage is that the Internet has completely changed entertainment. On demand channels now make it possible for you to watch any television programs that you missed, YouTube lets you search for music videos, online newspapers and news websites keep you up to date with the latest global, national and international news and people can now play some their favourite games on the Internet although it has not completely erased the concept of game consoles. Social networking has also changed the way that friends communicate through the likes of Facebook and Twitter.