English is a universally accepted language. A man who doesn't know to speak n English is likely to be put alone in the Sahara desert as he is that useless in this period. There are so many advantages for you If you try to speak or communicate In English, they are 1) Rewarding Job Our dream is to get a good Job which Is accepted by the society. To get such a Job, there are a series of interviews which you should face. Our fluency and skill in English speaking is the main criteria which the interviewers give more Focus on.

If oh could speak without fail in front of them, it is sure that you will be rewarded 2) Watching TV Our main hobby in this modern era is watching TV; there is no doubt in that. When you are watching TV, if you could understand everything you watch, you could feel that the show becomes more entertaining. Especially when you watch news you could get more Information about the modern times if you know this international language called English. ) Traveling Comfort when you are on a holiday trip to a foreign place, It would be very difficult to monomaniac with others If you do not know their language. That's where the Importance of English comes in. Almost all the people know to communicate In English so you can share your thoughts, doubts, and wants with them. 4) Active Participation In Social Media I know that almost all of you are a member of any one of the social media networks present today. So think of a situation where you did not know how to read or write proper English.

Its a sure that you will be down trodden. Every social media conveys heir ideas in English. Even the Instructions given are in English. So knowing English will you help a lot. 5) Dally conversation Most of the calls which you receive from your centre of work is communicated In English. And you all know that our school authority impose strict laws for English speaking. So it is a must that you should communicate in English to all of your friends and teachers. So try to be more fluent in English speaking to be more privileged in our school. 6) Helps to build up your confidence

If you know the language well, you can speak confidently Inferno of an audience because you will have a feeling that there is no mistake In your presentation and will tend to speak more. Being very fluent in your English shouts to the world that you are well educated and they wont bother about your financial status, thus they accepts you as a person of higher standard. This in turn increases your self confidence. So friends let us try to speak in English. Don't worry there may be a lot of mistakes in the beginning but gradually, they all will vanish.

Finally you will become an excellent speaker or an orator in English and this will build up your confidence, standard, privileges and marks in exams. Cool isn't it? And also try to understand this fact that our school gives more focus on English speaking. It is not a rule made to trouble you. Instead it is great step by our authority to build up our language skills. So let us take this step to speak in English to all in our school. You can also practice this at home. The more you tries the more you gains.