It makes many things happen which Is previously not Seibel, it makes many things to be completed in a wonderful way, it redefines, redesigns and restructures may works, many processes, many systems, many organizations, many industries and even many economies . Even it paves the path to create a new world called "virtual world" which breaks all the boundaries between world where there are no barriers for communication, information sharing, idea sharing etc. Every field of human activity, maybe his daily life, official life, everything is influenced under the cover of information Technology. 1. 1 .

Objective of the article: Primary Objective of the article is to fulfillment of the course requirement. In addition to that, In this article we try to observe the spectrum of uses of computer and Information technologies. In this process, this study wall reveal the requirement of computer studies for the business graduate. 1. 2. Methodology: To conduct and develop the report, we have done following to clarify industry use: 01 . Interviewing Number of Professionals of deferent Industry. 02. Visiting number of offices of number of business concerns. 03. Browsing and studying number of Internet sites/pages.

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By studying professionals' and office atmospheres, we have sort out different points of computer use by the firms and professionals. In section-03 of the report, we generalize the applications of computer and describe individual use. In section 04, we present a qualitative assessment of the benefits such computerizing of the Industry and economy. In section 05, we have given why, we business graduate should make ourselves regularly updated on computer use. 1 OFF To conduct and develop the report, we have interviewed following professionals: 01. Banker 02. Hospital Officials 03.

Stock Broker 04. Importer and Trader. 5. ARM industry professionals 06. Pharmacists 07. Leather Technologists. Besides, we have visited premises of following business concerns : Bank Limited, Diamonds Branch 02. Labial Cardiac Hospital, Diamonds 03. Small Equity Management Limited, Mitchell 04. Top One Trading. Awkward Bazaar 05. Standard Group, Textron 06. General Pharmaceuticals, Diamonds 07. Ukulele Leather, Hazarding 01 . Prime Interviewing and visiting the premise we have clustered the business firms as two broad categories: 01 . Service Sector 02. Manufacturing sector.

The uses of computer, its software are extensively required by the different apartments of the above business concerns, which are lists below as grouped by the sectors: I Service Sector I Human Resource department I Facility Management Department Operations Department Decision Making Tool Delivery Service Quality Improvement Mechanism I Finance & Accounts I Manufacturing Sector Supply chain Management I Procurement I Service I Research Work I Raw Material Inventory Management I Transport management I Manufacturing process I Out put Quality Management I Finished goods Inventory Management I Product Branding I Sales Promotion Sales Target Fixing Sales Team Management 3. 0. General Uses of Computers in Business Technology has forever changed the business world.

In order to stay technically competitive and efficient in today's information age, the majority of businesses now rely on computers. Computer uses in business range from the scanner at the checkout line of the grocery store to the ATM at the bank and the monitor listing flight arrivals and departures at the airport. In fact, when we really stop to look around, it seems that computer uses in business have grown too numerous to count. This certainly explains the push of schools, colleges and universities around the world to offer rouses, majors and degrees in the fields of computer science and information technology. It comes as no surprise that the number of computer related occupations will continue to grow in coming years.

But the question that remains is; which businesses and professions are most computer oriented, and what are the current and future uses of computers in the business world? 3. 1 . E-learning, web-based training and software packages Electronically supported training programs are made possible by computers. Educational software, web training programs and virtual classrooms are all highly utilized in the business world; enabling professionals to learn new skills advance their careers. 3. 2. Marketing So much of marketing has gone online. Social media marketing, website development, blobbing, advertising, e-newsletters have all become swift means of marketing in an increasingly globalizes society. 3. 3.

Telecommuting and remote business Portable laptop computers, smart phones, wireless internet, air cards and hub spots are the wave of the future when it comes to computer uses in business. Today, business can be conducted remotely from almost anywhere. 3. 4. Document processing Word Processing, for letters, manuscripts, proposals, etc. Has revolutionized the business world. Today, many professionals would actually feel lost without simple editing tools such as spell check. 3. 5. Organization The ease with which databases, spreadsheets and data can be compiled on a businesses worldwide. Many offices now uses computer programs to handle scheduling, accounting, billing, inventory management, contact management, etc. 3. 6. Design and presentation Just a few short decades ago, artists were still creating business documents by hand.

The advent of graphic design, digital photography and printing technology has enabled businesses to display information more clearly and artistically. 3. 7. Storage, archival and retrieval Thousands and thousands of manuscripts, files, charts or other document types can be stored on a tiny microchip. In the old days, businesses needed file cabinets or warehouses to store pertinent records and data. Today, data management is easy, thanks to computers and computer products that enable businesses to organize, store, and easily retrieve critical information. 3. 8. Financial transactions/e-commerce Retail purchases, credit card transactions, automatic debits... An all be processed over computers, and through the internet today.

Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions are some of the best examples of computer uses in business. E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, promising to become one of the top computer related professions in the future. 3. 9. Search engines and browsing Computers have provided us with instant access to a world of information. To stay competitive, businesses must utilize search engines such as Google or yahoo to obtain real time information and news and conduct research. 3. 10. Communication/ Networking The world may have grown smaller in the internet age, but only because the power of communication has grown by leaps and bounds.

The top computer uses in business include e-mail communication, and networking platforms such as video and web conferencing, social networking, and various other online chat tools. Even faxing, which has become increasingly obsolete in light of new technologies, is still a relevant business use of the computer. 4. 0 Importance of Computers in Business Effects: The importance of computers in business includes money saved for various vivisectionists. For example, a small business can maintain a database of customers in its computer. The business can then send coupons or special promotions to these customers by email. Companies also save on paper costs when interacting through their computers.

Also, a small manufacturing company can automate part of its production line with computers. The automation process would help the manufacturer cut back on labor costs. Time Frame: Computers also help the businessman save time. For example, a businessman can write a report, do a spell check, edit it and distribute the report in Just a few hours, even long distance. Previously, companies used typewriters for reports where redactions were made on various pages. These pages then needed to be retyped until the report was error free. Managers then needed to copy the reports and mail them to employees in different cities. Consequently, the report writing process took much longer with a typewriter than a computer.

Also, utility and cable companies can pinpoint a customer's problems more readily with computers. Significance: Computers in customers. Managers can conduct conference calls, show training videos and even conduct webzines or web-based seminars online with computers. This inter- connectivity between businesses, clients or customers can even be administered internationally. Human resource managers can more readily collect resumes from Job applicants through computers and the Internet. Moreover, architects can create virtual models of their buildings and check for dimensional accuracies. Benefits: Worker productivity is also enhanced through the use of computers.

People used to write presentations by hand, and then have a secretary type up the presentation. Often, the manager's or employee's presentation would sit in an "In" box along with other employees' projects. The secretary then, in turn, typed up the presentations or information in the order she received it. Computers allow workers to be much more productive than methods used in the past. Considerations: Small companies and business owners can appear much more professional and even larger by using computers, according to Entrepreneur. Com. Various publisher or document software enables small managers to type of professional-looking documents. Small companies can also create websites that rival those of large corporations.

Consequently, a small business may sometimes acquire clients more easily because of the company's imputer-enhanced image. Communications: Running a business, communications between you-your staffs, you- your clients/customers, you-your business partners, your staffs-your clients, etc. Are absolutely always done. You always need to ask your staffs about their projects/Jobs you assign or send them emails to assign new Jobs. Your staffs might need to ask clients whether they want to cooperate with your business or not etc. Here, computer fully supports you. It makes your Job to send/receive email, hold online meetings with clients, Join an online trainings, etc. Increasing productivity: Computer certainly helps you increase business productivity.

Imagine what will happen if you operate business by relying on humans works. It means your staffs note all of the materials that are bought from suppliers, products that are produced, products that are bought by customers, money that is got from the sales, money that is spent for buying materials, paying staffs' salaries, etc. , and others manually without using Microsoft words, excel, power points, etc.? The business tends to be operated slowly and some mistakes tend to happen frequently, right? Besides, you also need to use business software like ERP, bookkeeping software, invoicing software, etc. , to increase business productivity, right? How will you use them without computer?