Chad Introduction to Information and Communication Technology The Impact of CIT In A Developing World. One may ask "What impact does CIT (Information & Communication Technology), have in a developing world? " Well, that's a good question. First of all, we must establish what CIT really is. CIT (Information & Communication Technology) refers to technologies that provide access to information via telecommunications. Not to be confused with IT (Information Technology), though similar, but CIT focuses primarily n communication technologies.

It Includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones & other communication mediums which enable users to access, store, transmit & manipulate data. Over the years, this developing world has been, becoming more and more advanced in the technological arena, at a very rapid paste. So widespread, that it affects our entire lives; the way we see everything & the way we live. Technologies included in CIT (Information & Communication Technology), are transforming the very way interaction is done, between people, government & genuineness globally.

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Interaction is more swift & efficient because of the available tools provided by CIT such as e-mail, Instant Messaging, Keep, Social Networks, and Cellular Phones etc. Knowledge and services are accessible and shareable, worldwide, even In rural and poor areas. Productivity level has increased and markets work more efficiently, since the Introduction of CIT. However, while being good and helpful CIT also has some negative Impact In the world. Due to CIT, human labor is slowly being diminished. Their work is being replaced by computers, and so nutrients to the rising unemployment problem.