I Swear All For One This song relates to Romeo and Juliet when they are getting married. Romeo can see the questions in her eyes asking if theyre good for each other. Romeo knows whats on Juliets mind, and she should be sure of his heart. Hell stand by her through their hard times and he will always be there to brighten her day. He knows that he will make mistakes but he means no harm.

He swears to her by the moon and the stars in the sky that he will always be there for her. Romeo says that they will always have their memories from each other so no matter where they are or how far apart they are theyll be together. The rough times will pass and the god times shall bring them closer together. He will love Juliet with every beat of his heart and that he will do everything he can do for her. Romeo will help build Juliets dreams and that will make memories together.

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He will always be there and will always care no matter how old they grow. You Make Me Wanna Usher I think this song relates to Romeo and Juliet when Romeo is caught in the middle of Rosoline and Juliet. Juliet makes him want to forget about Rosoline and start a new relationship with her. Juliet makes him think of marriage and the rest of the things that come along with her. He is stuck between his love for Rosoline and his infatuation for Juliet. The more Romeo and Juliet talk is the more that Romeo wants to be with her so the more infatuated he gets with her.

Romeo says he love Rosoline but he is falling for Juliet. He should tell Rosoline bye-bye, but he doesnt want to go, he doesnt need to stay, and he really needs to get it together. At this point his feelings are out of control, but he needs to let Rosoline go. He tried to fight but the feelings are way too strong. I Dont Want To Miss A Thing Areosmith I think that this song relates to when Romeo see Juliet at the Capulet party.

After he sees her he doesnt wont to leave. He always wants to be with her. He doesnt want to miss any little part of her life. Romeo says that he could stay awake all night just to hear her breathing and to watch her smile while sees sleeping while she is far of and dreaming. He could spend his whole life just in that spot. Every minute that he spends with her is a moment that he treasures.

He thinks that if he falls asleep he might miss a little speck of her life. Even if he dreams of her that will never do because it wont be the real thing. As he gets closer to Juliet he can start to feel her heart beating, and he wonder what shes dreaming wondering if its him she is seeing. Then Romeo looks in Juliets eyes and he thanks god they are there together. All he wants to do is say in that moment for all of the rest of his life. He doesnt want to miss one smile or a kiss he just wants to be with Juliet.

He wants to hold her close and feel her heart so close to his. Romeo doesnt want to close his eyes or fall asleep because he doesnt want to miss a thing. Angel Sarah McLachlin I think that this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet meet at the Capulet party. They both know that they are enemies but the dont care they are falling in love. Juliet has spent all of her life waiting for that chance to love.

She has finally found love and she wants to take the chance. Juliet wants to make it work out with the familys . There is always so reason to give up hope but she doesnt want to if she doesnt have to. She knows that its hard at some point not to give up but she needs this love. Juliet needs to be left alone by her parents so she can find some peace. She wants to be empty and weightless so she can find so peace tonight. Juliet looks to heaven for some answers.

Shes in the arms of an angel far away from here. She is away from the house and her family. She also far from her emptiness that she felt. The angel is trying to comfort Juliet now. Juliet is tired of being bored and everywhere she turns there id her family twisting things around and jumping on her back. The family keeps on building the lies that they lack.

It makes no difference how many times that they try she will never believe. Its the sweet love that brings her to her knees. Iris Goo Goo Dolls I think that this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet are saying their good-byes. Romeo says that he would give up anything, like forever, to be with her. He knows that she knows his feelings toward him.

Juliet is the closest thing to heaven that he will ever be. Romeo doesnt want to go yet. All he can think of is this moment and the only thing important to him is her life. Romeo knows that sooner than later its all going to be all over and they will have to hold onto the memories. He just wants her to know how his life is. Romeo doesnt want the world to know about everything, he thinks that it might ruin what they have.

He tells Juliet not to fight the tears that are coming or the moment of truth with their love. When everything feels like a play he bleed just to know he was there. The Reason Celine Dion I think that this song relates to when Juliet realizes that she is in love with Romeo. Juliet figured it out. She has been high and low and just about everything. She didnt know who she was before she met Romeo.

Something went wrong before and she made a deal with the devil for a needless thing. Its all because of Romeo that she discovered love. He is the reason. Romeo is the reason she wakes up everyday and the reason why she sleeps through the night. She falling for Romeo and she experiencing something new.

Juliet gave up dreaming about having Romeo and he actually came out of her dreams and appeared. She knows that she is feeling love now and it is all because of Romeo. My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion I think that this song relates to the last scene of the play when Juliet sees Romeo lying dead on the ground of the vault. Every night in her dreams she will see him and feel him. That is how she knows that he will live on with her.

Wherever they are they will always be together in their spirits. Romeo is here in Juliets heart and he will never go away. They will go on together. Juliet believes that the heart does go on. They are together so there is nothing to fear. They are safe in their hearts and their heart will go on and on.

Tell Him Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand I think that this song relates to when the Nurse and Juliet are talking about Romeo. Juliet is scared but excited at the same time. She is afraid to show she cares. She asks the Nurse if he will think she is weak is she trembles when she speaks. Juliet wants to know if there is another one Romeo is thinking of. What if hes in love? She would feel like a fool.

Then the Nurse says that Juliet cant let the to love Romeo pass her by. She needs to tell him that the sun and moon rise in her eyes. Juliet wants to reach out to him but she is afraid. The Nurse tells her that she needs to whisper words so soft and sweet so she can hold him close to her. Love is the gift to give yourself.

Juliet wants to touch him with the gentleness she feels inside. Romeo cant deny her love so the truth will set her free. She will have whats meant to be all in time. Juliet is positive of her love for Romeo. She doesnt think she could survive if Romeo walked away. Juliet says that love is light that surely glows in the heart of those who know. Its a steady flame that grows so feed the fire with the passion you can show.

Tonight love will assume its place and this memory time cannot erase. Blind faith will lead love where it has to go. The Dance Garth Brooks I think that this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet are dancing at the Capulet party. The dance they shared was so special to them, this was where their first kiss happened. For that moment that they were together the world was perfect, nothing was wrong with it. The two thought that they should never say good-bye.

Romeo is glad that he didnt know the way everything would go and the way everything would end. They know that their lives would be better to leave the chances. Romeo could have missed the pain of their lives. If he would have missed the dance he would have missed out on their life together. While Romeo was holding Juliet for one moment he thought that he was the king.

If he would have known how it would have turned out he might have changed it all. Fly Celine Dion I think that this song relates to when the Romeo and Juliet are dead waiting to enter heaven. The angels are saying fly little ones, fly beyond imagining. The softe ...