Where does the play take place?
New York City and Westchester County, NY in the 1960's
What health problems do Tom and Margaret Garrison have?
Tom; cough/cold (pneumonia) not treated, memory problems, listening problems.
Margaret; three heart attacks, seizures, cancers, arthritis, hearing problems.
describe Gene's relationship with his mother and his father
Gene and mom: very close, gene would dance and sing with her. They would listen to operas together. Gene wants what's best for her mother.

Gene and Tom: Not close, Tom treats gene like kid, he is selfish, tom is closed off emotionally from gene (doesn't show emotions to his son.)

Why does Margaret want tom to see a doctor? Why wouldn't he see one in Florida?
he has a bad cough/ he was afraid the doctor would rip him off.
What was tom's childhood like? What does Margaret say about it ?
He didn't get along with his father, his father left the family. his father was an alcoholic, his mother died when he was 10. They were poor./Margaret said he needs to stop telling everyone about his childhood.
What things did Gene have to do with his mother when he was a kid? Why?
Dance with her, listened to opera with her. Singed when she played the piano./
His father is selfish and was never with them.
Who is Carol? What relationship does Gene discuss with his mother?
Gene's dead wife.
He talks about his new girlfriend who live in California whose name is Peggy.
Where might Gene be moving to? How do margaret and tom react to this news?
To California. Margaret says to move, Tom said it would kills his mother if he did
What do Gene and Tom fight about before the son leaves? What does this show the reader about their relationship?
Tom wants Gene to stay longer/ Driving Directions/ Tom still treats him like a kid
Whatever Gene does isn't good enough.
What happens to Margaret after Gene leaves his parent's house?
She has a problem in her heart and gets rushed to the hospital
What news about margaret does the reader learn at the end of the chapter?
Margaret dies.
Alice Garrison
Gene's sister, Tom and Margaret's daughter: She was estranged from the Family because Tom didn't approve of the man she married, Sidney.
He was in the Marines in world war II.