I. Introduction. A. Method: Opening with a broad statement. B.

Thesis statement: Tragedy has brought our world together through friendship, loyalty, and a common goal to live in a better society. II. Body A. Through tragedy brings an element of comradeship that stems from fighting for a common goal. 1.

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When sides are at war people look in different places for kinship. 2. Knowing that there is someone that will listen to your problems can help in hard times. B. Being able to count on someone being there for you is a big difference in war times.

1. When times are bad looking at ones fellow man for help and understanding is key. 2. Having someone count on you when times look bleak helps everyone. C. Fighting for one another instead of against each other can help to bring change.

1. Knowing that there are other people that care for the betterment of society can give meaning to what your fighting for. 2. Being able to talk with people that share the same goals in life make it easier to cope with life. III.

Conclusion A. Question: Is it true that trough tragedy breeds change. Predictions: Until people realize that they need each other to cope in rough times, our society.