The evil hurricane destroys the landscape by snapping the trees
The depressed rain sounds like a baby crying because he did not get his way
The corrupt winds hurl the timber around
The stern winds sound like a mother yelling angrily at her child
The loud thunder sounds as if a baseball is being hit hard by a large baseball bat
The crack of trees snapping caused the hurricane to roar
There was a low moan of pain traveling through the air
The screeches of the hurricane sent shrills down our spines
The twirling witch threw rain at our house
The stormy clouds were running away from the disasterous battle field The yelping cars were tumbling and somersalting across the freeway The upset hurricane threw down the blazing lightning
The tremendous hurricane was a thundering, swirling cloud of death as it spun off baby ice cream cones of terror
The terrifying hurricane whistled an unsteady tone as it uprooted our crops and had a tasty snack
The gigantic hurricane swept up our homes and left them where they were and didn't bother to use a dustpan
The horrifying hurricane weakened our houses with its powerful and terrifying smelling breath
The destructive hurricane blew the ocean waves into a wild rage to destroy our unsafe homes
The hurricane was a sinister villain destroying beautiful land
The noisy hurricane screams and howls like an upset baby
Hurricanes are angry grandmothers with gray hair spinning and falling out everywhere
The powerful storm was throwing branches like major league baseball pitchers
The winds were rushing across the water while whistling a creepy tune with the trees snapping along
The hurricane was so angry, she ripped off the barn roof, while her whipping winds chased the cows
The repulsive eye sternly watched me as it began to leave

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