Describe how we receive Information through our sensory organs and relate this to HCI. Some description of these organs is necessary. 8. Device experiments to test the properties of (I) short-term memory (ii) long-term Emory.. 9. Find out all you can about natural interfaces. Are there any successful systems? For what applications are these most appropriate? 10. Look at guidelines for use of color. Be able to state the empirical psychological evidence which supports the guidelines. Do the guidelines conflict with any other known guidelines?

What principles of interaction do they support? 11. A group of universities has decided to collaborate to produce an information system to help potential students find appropriate courses. The system will be distributed free to schools and career offices on CD-ROOM and will provide information about course contents and requirements, university and local facilities, fees and admissions procedures. Identify the main stakeholders for t he system, categories them and describe them and their activities, currently and with regard to the proposed system. 2. For the scenario proposed above, a. Produce a rich picture showing the problem situation b. Produce a root definition, using CATTLE, of the system from the viewpoint of the university c. What transformation or activities are required to make sure the root definition is supported? 3. You have been asked to compare user performance and preferences with two different learning systems, one using hypermedia, and the other sequential lessons. Design a questionnaire to find out what the users think of the system.

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How would you go about comparing user performance with these two systems? 14. Look at as many on-line support systems as you can. Which do you find most useful and why? Try to assess them using the requirements analysis. Human Computer Interaction By brainier 5. "Too many developers think that they are artistic geniuses - they do not bother to allow user interface design standards or invest the effort to make their applications usable, instead they mistakenly believe that the important thing is to make the code clever or to use a really interesting color scheme".