How to Play Speedball In the sport of paintball, there is a more specific game type called speedball. It’s a much faster paced game then regular woods ball. It is a faster paced; more up close and personal game too play. This paper will show you how to play the game of speedball. You will start in an area called "The Break Area". There you will determine with your team where each player will go. Bunkers are almost always inflated bunkers, not solid. There are certain names that refer to each bunker. First is the "Tombstone" bunker; it looks like a tombstone.

The next bunker is the "Soda Can" bunker. There are two types of soda can bunkers: Lay Down or Stand Up. The soda can bunker looks like a soda can. A lay down soda can looks like a soda can on its side, a stand up soda can looks like a soda can standing up. Next is the "Dorito" bunker. This bunker looks like a pyramid. There is also a series of bunkers called the "Snake". These are short, long bunkers that form a snake - like shape often having "knuckles" which are made up of either tombstones or bricks. In X-Ball or Millennium there is also a large X or M bunker in the middle of the field.

Finally there is the "Car Wash" bunker. These bunkers look like a larger can cut in half. Next the referee will shout "Game starts in 3, 2, 1... GO, GO, GO! ” Usually, people on your team will be counting down out loud; you can do this if you want to. Those few seconds are probably the most terrifying seconds of the game. After the game starting countdown, the referee will shout "GO, GO, GO! " After the countdown of the game sprint as fast as you can to your designated bunker and take cover, your teammates will provide some cover.

You will definitely want to shoot off the break because everyone is moving and you will have a good chance to hit someone. The start of the game is loud and fast. You also want to move around a little. When you're moving, put your head down, gun up, shoot and run. This may sound difficult, but with some practice you will get the hang of this. Remember that you only have about 3 seconds or less to get to your next bunker. This if figured by the opponent that you are shooting at will take about 1 second to move back into his bunker, 1 second to figure out where you were shooting at him from, and the last second to "pop" back out.

In that 3 seconds you should be in your next bunker and ready to shoot. Bend your knees, not your back; that way you'll be lower but you'll have better sight of the field and where you are shooting. When you "snap" out you use all your muscles in the waist and mid section. Work on your core and cardio when training to play. Finally if you get hit, stop shooting, put your gun in the air and shout "I'm hit! " or if you get hit but don't feel it, the referee may give you a paint check and either call you out or keep you in.

Always check yourself for paint before calling yourself out. Sometimes you will get hit and the ball won't break. If that happens, you're still in. If the paint breaks walk off the nearest side of the field after getting out. That is the basic way the fast and furious game of speedball is played, in the sport of paintball. The faster, more up close game of paintball is very intimidating too some people. Hopefully, this paper showed you it can be done, and is not that intimidating at all.