Specific Purpose: To inform my audience what to look for when buying a personal computer.

Central Idea: Computers are sold in a wide variety of configurations and choosing one to fit each individuals needs can be difficult.

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I. What specific purposes will the individual use the computer


A. Computers are not just for business.

B. Seventy percent of U.S. households have computers.

C. Consumers use computers for wide range of uses.

D. Difficulty in choosing a computer to fit both the needs and the budget.

II. Components of the computer to consider when making a


A. Processors – CPU’s.

B. Memory.

C. Hard Drives.

D. Ports – USB

E. Multimedia. CD, DVD, CD-Rewritable drives, graphics and sound cards.

F. Monitors.

III. The three basic categories that computer users fit into:

Family, Gaming and Multimedia, and Students.

A. Family – basic uses and configurations and prices.

B. Gaming and Multimedia – uses, configurations and prices.

C. Family – uses, configurations and prices.


I. A personal computer purchase should not be an impulse buy.

Do your research. Shop around and compare. With careful

planning and patience you can find the computer to fit your

needs and your budget.


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