The target market has been defined as multi-cultural youth of age 13 - 24. The Coca-Cola Company's people say "Coca-Cola Company will target multi cultural youth by identifying common youth struggles and positioning Coca-Cola as a unifying element in diverse youth culture" (ThePaperStore, 2010, pg. 5). College kids drink plenty of soda. So perhaps it makes sense that Coca-Cola was the first company to collaborate with UPromise. UPromise is designed to help families save for college and, to assist companies in building brand loyalty. The emphasis on diversity is reflected in the company's demographics, which is shown in the graph below (All Business, 2000). US Demographics Updated May 2010 • Delayed - Next: Nov 2010 Coca-Cola has customized its Facebook page to enable and empower users to post videos and win contest.

Effective digital branding aligns brand essence, creativity and strategy to effectively target and capture audiences. (Sparxoo, 2010, 13th pgh. ) Coca Cola has a promotion where you can donate you’re My Coke Rewards points to a school in your community. By donating your my Coke Reward points the school gets athletic equipment, classroom supplies, books and more. The company may have more than one promotion running at any given time. Coca-Cola classic is the most popular and biggest selling drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world (Coca Cola Company,2006-2010).

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In America, you can get a 20oz bottle of Coca-Cola for about $1. 50 to $2. 00, and you can get a case of 24 12oz cans for about $4. 00 to $5. 00. Today you can find Coca-Cola products in virtually every part of the world, sold in the grocery stores, theaters, club/bars, stadiums, schools, vending machines, amusement parks, private owned businesses and fairs. In India Coca-Cola has targeted families, because in India people are all about family and leans more towards a health way of eating.

So Coca-Cola came up with Maaza, it was introduced in the late 1970's being recognized as a drink that provides "wholesome family fun" and this was because only the freshest, juiciest Alphonso mangoes go into Maaza. Maaza soon became the most loved beverage brand in India. Maaza is available in sizes ranging from 1. 2 liter to a pocket size 200ml and prices vary in certain geographies (Coca-Cola India, 2008). In addition, India is a country that has poor quality drinking water, so Coca-Cola came out with Kinley. Kinley is India's water you can trust to be truly safe and pure.

Kinley has reverse osmosis along with the latest technology to ensure the purity of their product. Kinley comes in two sizes in India 500ml and 1000ml. Water is a universal need, which cannot be left to chance.