Agreed because social networks has a lot of attractions which can distract us from doing what we really want to do. Take faceable as an example. You were doing your add math homework and you were so stressed to you want relax your mind by Just updating yourself bat what's happening among your friends. All of a sudden, you get a notification from your friend asking you to play a game. You've never played this game before so you were interested. So you were playing and playing until you didn't realize that it was past twelve and you haven't finish your homework.

So what I'm trying to say here is that social networks make us waste our time. And to be an intelligent person we should not waste time because as everyone knows time is gold. Successful people use time wisely. C] Next, social networks can lead to poor language usage. Social networks are mainly used by people who want to interact with friends and when we interact with friends, we tend to use acronyms. Acronyms are sort forms of words. For example like about "about"-bat. "Going to"- "goanna". When we update a status or tweet, we tend to use acronyms because it can save time and we onto need to touch the keyboard so many times.

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But the point here is... If It becomes a habit, then it would be a hard thing because in exams, we have to write essays for both English and Malay language. So once we get used to using acronyms, we tend to use acronyms during the exams and this can lead to many bad things like you can get punished by the teacher and the sad thing Is that you will lose our exam marks just like that. C] Intelligence also comprises social Intelligence. Social networks can decrease our intelligence socially. Different people have different opinion on socializing.

What socializing actually means Is that we go around and meet new people. Interacting with friends Is also considered socializing. However, when we do it in the form of social networking, we tend to get a different Idea about certain people. This is because when we meet someone In person, we might know about them by looking at their body language and facial expression. But when we Interact using social networks, we will feel like we are talking to robots. We might be smart academically but when we are not smart In socializing, there Is no point of being Intelligent.