Technology today is vast trending practices in service marketing. Because of technology service marketing is now diversify in many sectors automated voice calls , fax machines , atoms , wireless money transfers , g internet , buying from the web , Video call , video conference (Cisco) . Technology in service marketing has opportunities and challenges . Technology is innovation. And today people rely on technology. So they have new needs and wants. And because of that the service industry diversifies into new different categories.

The service industries today are vast if we look behind 10 years from now. And it will grow because of innovation. There will be new ways to deliver service. And it will be accessible, convenient and productive ways. Discuss why process, people, physical evidence three new mix elements is included. How might each of these communicate with or help to satisfy organizations customers? Service is intangible still customer may want some tangible cue to understand what sort of service is that. They also may want to interact with the employs.

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And services are consumed simultaneously. So this become difficult in service marketing because of this additional variables (influence , perception , experience). So in service marketing there are additional ops (process , people , physical) instead in traditional ops (product , price , place , promotion). People people are human actors that play as service delivery. They are the firm's personnel. Employees, Customer. In the service environment They are the important participant because of their appearance, attitude, perception influencing customer in the service.

Sometime the service maybe counseling, teaching and other professional relationship based service. In example in a hotel service the attitude and appearance of the employee will influence customer perception. Process It is the actual procedures, mechanism, and flow of activities by which the service is delivered. It is the delivery service experience by the customer. It can become highly difficult for some service industry. Because if they fail one time the customer might become dissatisfied. They may not recall again and have bad experience, and influence in bad reception to other customer.

In example amazons. Com have one day rush to many selected countries. That made such a influence the become no . 1 in online shopping. It's not Just because of fast delivery their performance, efficient, safety precaution make them influential, trust worthy. Physical evidence The physical evidence include environment, the tangible component that facilitate performance, or communication of the service. Any service related industry must have tangible representation that has equipment basics such as business card, letter opener, signage, report format, roaches and necessary equipment.

In a standard bank they must have AC , space . Clean, some bench . The customer may have good experience and may come again to do more banking. Service providing process of a company British America tobacco Bangladesh LTD British America tobacco Bangladesh Ltd is a cigarette company. Many small tea stores sell this company product. They directly deliver the product by waterproof van. Because the products get damage in water. They deliver the product by Van, bicycle, and truck.

For more extra precaution they use plastic cover over them for environmental damage (heat, dirt, wind). The product sells in squire box to break the bulky. The Most important caution of delivery is the slip. The slip has all the details. How many quantities are they buying, the price they are paying, the date, buyers name, sellers name, vat, serial number, etc. It works as a insurance for the damage, outdated or missing product. Their primary priority is the delivery system. And they have one of the largest delivery system in Bangladesh. They reached every corner of Bangladesh.