NAME:DENG GAO LE (Gaulle) SZU UCLAN FOUNDATION PROGARMME EF0001 ACADEMIC AND LANGUAGE SKILLS FOR UNIVERSITY STUDY Tutor: Fred Stiglingh Title: How far have chat rooms and social networking sites changed the way young people communicate with each other The networking curtailed the distance between person and person, make the world become a "Global village". a new kind of interpersonal way-online communication has already gradually become so popular after Internet network has appealed, such as electronic mail, and make friends online is the second important function.

Making friends in different ways, it is obvious that chat room is the first selection. Social Networking Service(SNS) is the most popular network application services in recent year,such as QQ? Facebook? Twitter and so on. The rise of social networking sites is so phenomenal due to the bigger freedom. In the mean time, the internet made the world a global village, You can make friends, chat with them, to know the different cultures and places through them.

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These sites facilitates you to share information with the minimum cost. Because of such sites, you won’t find yourself lost in the billions of websites. Those are the reasons why it is one of the fastest growing communication tool in the internet. when I was young and the internet has not so popular, if I wanted to find a friend or a my family, I need to use a phone and ring them. Now, if I wanted to talk to a friend, I just need to check whether they were on “QQ chat” instead of call them from my mobile phone.

This shows that people have changed the way they communicate, especially in teenagers and young adults. However, there are also a lot of disadvantages. Such as social networking sites is the risk of identity theft and fraud. your own information can be used by some bad thoughts people for illegal activities. Information like the address, name, location, ID and age can be easy to used to do some online crimes The most serious disadvantage of social networking sites is so convenient to organize some illegal activities.

Take the British riot happened in 2011 as an example, The rioters use social networks to spread the information, and incited, organized big scope unrest action. A lot of young people join in it and the riots was enlarge and spread faster because of the social networking sites. As teenagers use such free tools like social network sites, we can't never forget that freedom is never abstractly, absolutely, the social network is not a area which out of law , also not deviating from the rational and the excuses to create disruption and riots.

Combined with the advantages of the Internet and youth own characters, we can analyze the main reason why teenagers like to use the networking sites:First of all, adolescents are transiting to an adult, so they don't pay so much attention to the social contacts mode like adults , their social contact activities are based on mutual recognition , attracted to each other, and habits, hobbies, and has a strong emotional component. Second, they are not satisfied with passive communication mode. Teenagers hope give full play to their own initiative in social activities; They also hope to own their larger options and freedom.

These characteristics has been performance in traditional era, such as contacts with letters, or to participate in community activities etc. The rise of the social networking sites are wake up the teenagers' consciousness of communication , and also provide an extremely wide communication platform. In spite of these, I think social networking sites' advantages are more than disadvantages. We can't stop the tendency that the youth change their way to communicate with each other because the world is a pluralistic one, so pluralistic development modes should be respected.

The networking culture will integrate with realistic culture slowly. In view of the network which bring the negative influence, I think we should guide the youth to use it instead of abandon it. Only the correct guidance could minimize the harmful effect for the youth. I believe our world will become without heart distance and more fun and colorful because of the variety of networking. Reference Unknown Author. Pros And Cons Of Social Networking Sites. [online] http://lifestyle. iloveindia. com/lounge/pros-and-cons-of-social-networking-sites-9204. html Accessed on 24th December 2011.