House of Terror Last night I had a horrible nightmare, in which I was locked up in a house of terror. When I tried to find my way out, I found that the house was so big that I kept walking in the same place three times! Walking alone in the long corridor, winds were blowing from the windows, it made me tremble. It was so dark that I couldn't see the end of the corridor. I walked slowly in the corridor and heard some walking sound behind me, after checking for a thousand times, I couldn't saw a thing behind me! "Hello? Anyone here? " I asked but no one replied. Hello?... " "Hello?... " "Hello... " It kept echoing. I couldn't imagine how big this house was, it was so strange and I walked faster than before. At this moment, I Just want to get out of this house as soon as possible. Leaning on the wall, I felt wet and cold, Just like it have been raining before but how could it rain inside a house? Everything in this house was so weird. Suddenly, winds were blowing beside my ears, not like the winds blowing from the windows before, it was unnatural, Just like somebody was next to you and playing some tricks on you.

I had a sense of foreboding, I turned around and saw a white shadow, I was so scared and start to run. I ran along the corridor, the rooms were all closing, except the one which hanged a skull on the door. I ran into that room then closed the door. I thought I was safe now, but the room was as dark as midnight. I couldn't see a thing but I touched some liquid. It smells like blood and I taste a bit of it. It was really blood! I felt the foods inside my stomach were coming up. I wanted to vomit! I switched on the light.

What I saw was four dead bodies lying on the ground. I was shocked. I ran out of the room immediately and went downstairs. Lights were coming from the kitchen, I walked slowly towards it, when I came closer, I away a woman and a man in the kitchen. I thought I can seek help from them, but before they saw me, the scene I saw was creepy. The woman was cooking a human body! I suddenly remember the four dead bodies upstairs. "There were four teenagers came into this house last night, how brave they were. " said the woman. Sees, their bodies should be enough for us for a whole month. " the man was smiling while talking, it was a creepy smile. "This man was so tasty, you want to try some? " asked the woman. "l love you, darling! " the man said and kissed the woman. "l love you too, sweetheart! " the woman replied. "What a disgusting couple! I said in my heart. I noticed that the house door was Just near the kitchen, I came near the door without their notice. When I opened the door, the sound was too big, they have heard it! "Who's there? " said the woman.

I ran out of the house immediately, they took guns and knife behind me. I thought they were going to kill me and eat me. Their car was parked outside the house, I ran to it and drove to leave here. They came behind without walking! I don't know what they were, maybe some kind of specie that I hadn't heard. The house was at the top of the mountain, I drove so fast in the hill road, and they accelerated faster and faster, nearly could touch the car. I must drive faster, but when I turned right, I lost control of the car.

After collide with the railing, the car didn't roll down the hill, the two front wheels were hanging in the railing. "Thanks god! I'm still alive. " I screamed out happily. I climbed up to the road but I saw the woman and the man were running towards me. I started to run to the other side, unfortunately, they ran so fast that they were in front of me now. They were looking at me, but I think they were looking "through" my body. I took a look at my back. I was totally shocked by what I saw. I saw my body lying n the car, I was dead. I don't felt scared anymore, but more coming was sadness.

Feature Article - James Joyce Analysis

I missed my family, I wanted to get out of this hell, and I wished that all these things were Just a dream. "What on earth was going on? Tell me it's only a dream. I want my life back! " I screamed loudly. Suddenly, my eyes were opened, I was lying on the ground, in my bedroom. The coolness of the ground made me more clear-headed that I am truly alive, all these things were Just a dream. I ran to my father and mother's room and give them a big hug. "l love you, mum and dad! " I said. "We love you too, girl. " It must be the most unforgettable nightmare for me.