House Captain Well to start with I would request all of you to raise your right hand when I say raise. Raise Well.... Hands down..... Great... ' have Just proved one of my most important point.... "They all listen to me"... Well Jokes apart coming to the point now. A heart full of respect and love to all my teachers, friends and other supporting staff. Also a very warm welcome to all those who are new to Ruby House. To all those who don't know me I am Deviating Vapidity grade 9th student. It's been 9 long years I have been a part of our Ruby House. Our very own Ruby house has always taught us what the word Ruby stands for.

The word symbolizes for devotion, desire, a symbol of love and immortality, and I am very proud and honored to be a part of this epic house. To explain my house in one phrase, the only thing I can say is "My house is the best" out of all four. All my life it has always been my dream to leave something of myself behind. Wherever I went and however I met. I wanted people to remember me. Before the main years of my career begins what I strongly want is to fetch the opportunity to take our house to a new level of glory, wisdom, success and make it the greatest souse of all time in the history of our lovely SST.

Kabuki School. Though I have failed to get the House captain badge many times in the past elections I haven't step down. Every time with a new energy and a new frame set of mind I have been trying to knock the doors of house captain with a wish that once I'll get the opportunity to cherish my dreams my ideas and my ways of taking this house to a new level of glory. This suggest, my never say die attitude towards myself and our lovely ruby house . 1 have always been a girl of hard working nature, always been passionate in whatever I do.

Either its studies, games or any other extra curriculum activities, I have always given my 100% and with god grace, my hard work and education I have achieved success in most of my work. I truly believe in saying that "A good team is the one in which the whole team dominates and leads from the front" and this is what I want to do if I get the chance to be the house leader. Being in my house through this 9 years I have seen and felt all the hiccup of winning and losing and believe me I know what it takes to rise again after getting failed.

But what I can say is "Life starts at the end of comfort one". Being a house leader I will try my best to fit into the shoes of what our past house leaders have done. I'll try to improvise their good things and learning and will try to fulfill all mine and their incomplete dreams which leads to a formation of Great Ruby House. To my best of efforts I'll try to listen to every one without giving 1st priority to my ideas and decisions. Discrimination among the old and new ones, biased and unfair decisions would never be considered. I promise to respect each and every individual and listen to them.

All decisions will be taken keeping in mind he boons and curses of our house. To bring some change within our house I'll try to make our house like a one small happy family. Totally friendly environment, the place where each and every ideas either its coming from the young ones or from the seniors will be welcomed cherished appreciated and totally thought upon. I'll try to manifest more harmonious environment between our lovely teachers and student so the students can constantly interact with their teachers without any fear. I'll try my best to keep my house at the top in each and every activity.

Well I don't promise many things but what I do is I always try the things out. Oshkosh jargon karri chaise kinky Sara evade tutu State he aura kisses kamala ho Sati he and better to wrap it up I'll be saying "Action speaks more than words". Thank you and I appreciate all for listening to me throughout the speech. I wish I get what I want but if not I'll look to it that My Ruby house stays at the top. PIZZA. Vote without any fear or discrimination. VOTE ME!!!!!. Once again to all those who don't know me my name is "Deviating Vapidity". Thank You All.