The front office is responsible for the scale of lodging souse rooms through systematic method of reservation, followed by registration and cumbersome in hotels that still operate manually today. This development in lodging house business billing system continued gradually until recently when computer was invented as an electronic method of processing data, computer can be defined as an electronic device that accept input, manipulated data and produces information which is the output, as required.

Computerizing of lodging house business billing system: a focus on the lodging system, therefore, the application of computer in the lodging system. A lodging house which operated a computerized system will ensure that the program carries provision for different tariffs, locations and individual guest preferences. Details of each room are stored within the memory and as a guest registers the guest list is immediately updated while that particular room is removed from the list of those which are available for letting. Because the system is so accurate, there is little chance of two people being given same room.

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The Bolos lodging system was started in the year 1995 with five (5) rooms available. But due to the increasing demand, the proprietor decided to establish additional fifteen (15) rooms until 2002. This lodging house has its two (2) function rooms which air-conditioned rooms. The said establishment is privately managed by his wife, Mrs.. Ululations Bolos, located at Pangolin Brook's Point, Planar. However, they have since been improved upon with additional multi-purpose hall for conference, reunion, debut, wedding reception and seminars for better services offered.

Statement of the Problem The introduction of computer in the lodging house is to reduce problem encountered on arrival and event at check out time by guest's customers and visitors o the lodging house and by the reception staff on their efforts to manually attend to each guest's requests going through the reception routine in the front office by the guest is normally frustrating and time wasting. As guest can be kept on his feet for several minutes waiting to be attended to the billing procedures in the cashier section are similar to that of the front office.

Objectives of the Study The main aim of this study is to design a computerized reservation entry and guest billing system for timely services. In lodging house services, time is of essence. Another objective is to design a computerized system which will ensure that the program carries provisions for different tariffs, locations and individual guest preferences. The computer will select the best available rooms for particular reservation or offer an alternative, if the preferred room is already taken or is not yet ready.

The program will be flexible enough to ensure that any special request by a guest can be catered for. Significance of the Study There is a high hope that this project will solve those problems the reception which is computerized can, with dispatch, answer inquires and write confirmation teeters for reservation, keep messages for guest's, advice the lodging house management about regular guests, improve the level of services offers to guest and monitor room services to guests.

It will greatly help the reception personnel to know the number of room available and how many rooms that have been booked. This helps in updating of reservations. In a situation of efficient services, this will be attractive to guest and visitors and thereby make profit. Scope and Limitation of the Study The computerizing of the Bolos lodging house business billing system is centered on the front office.