Introduction Wholesale auctions exist to sell cars, so I'm here today to purpose that we, ODESSA Colorado Springs, start selling Honda Remarking Fleet/Lease vehicles at our auction. At the same time, my intent is to show Honda Remarking that we are without a doubt, ready to market their inventory and get them top dollar for their fleet vehicles. ODESSA Colorado Springs would love the opportunity to sell Honda Remarking Fleet/Lease vehicles to prove that we can grow together and be successful, resulting in a strong import buyer base, increased weekly volume and high retention rates.

In doing so, we will not only increase our overall bottom line, but will also increase net earnings for our detail shop, body shop and transportation. Planning/Purpose To make this a profitable endeavor, Vive taken the liberty of scouting out the franchise demographics of Honda dealerships in our area. In a 100 mile radius, there's Plant Honda, Ralph Chomp Honda, Burt Sunk Honda, Mile High Honda, Go Honda and Frontier Honda. In a 300 mile radius, there's Front Range Honda, Markedly Motors and Honda of Greenly.

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Our factory sales team has already contacted each of the above mentioned dealerships and all of them have committed to attending our next Honda Remarking factory sale. Vive sat down with our controller and we've gone over the potential net earnings with adding Honda Remarking to our factory sale. Honda has committed to running 350 cars, once a month. Our sell fee would be set at $75 per car sold, which is a possible net income amount of $26,250. This is a special set sale fee for Honda Remarking!

Our detail fee would be $95 per car sold, which would be 2 guaranteed profit of $33,250 for the month. This detail fee is also a set fee for Honda Remarking. We'd also have a buyer fee of $104 per car sold, for other potential net earnings of $36,400. Let's not forget we'd have the opportunity to send these vehicles through our in-house body shop, which depending on the body condition of the vehicles, can increase our net profit by another $11,200. We, at ODESSA Colorado Springs, pride ourselves in offering the best customer service shops in the Denver metro area.

Our body shop employees have 12+ years of experience and they pride themselves in inspecting and repairing cars to the highest standards. Our customers always come first, which means we only sell cars of the highest quality. You'll also be happy to also know, that our sales team has already worked out the transportation rates from New Jersey (location of Honda Remarking) to Colorado. We are looking at a $50 - $75 profit on each shipped vehicle. As you can see by the numbers I mentioned above, bringing on Honda Marketing will allow us many opportunities for growth.

Audience/Channels of Communication The marketing and advertising methods for Honda Remarking are the most crucial and need to be effective. I recommend using Simulcast for future sales. This way the event can be a live broadcast for those Honda dealers that cannot make it to the auction on sale day. For those Honda dealers that use Simulcast to buy vehicles, we'll offer them an incentive of a $25 gift card and will be eligible for all in lane promotions. We can also give the first time buyer, one "free" buy fee. Why not invest your marketing dollars in customers who are the most likely to generate a return!

We 3 want Honda Remarking to see that we are dedicated to creating a Simulcast experience that exceeds their customers' expectations. We can also utilize our 2417 inline auction at eve. Com and Subtractions. This way dealers who are unable to attend, can view the vehicles at their leisure and also purchase vehicles while the sale is live. The benefit of this online auction is that potentially we'll reach more people outside our normal participation area and for the buyer; they'll have first dibs on the inventory.

We'd also offer $50 in transportation assistance on the first 5 vehicles purchased. For those dealers that attend from out of town, we'll offer Air/ Hotel Assistance. One night hotel, plus buy 3 Honda factory cars, receives $100 in remonstration assistance, buy 5, receive $200 in transportation assistance, or buy 8 and receive $300 in transportation assistance. What better way to sweeten the deal! Message ODESSA Colorado Springs has developed a unique and successful approach to the marketing and selling of imports by prestigious accounts.

By developing a partnership with our import sellers, and creating a secondary branding promotion with the framework of our auction sales, we are able to tailor the needs of our clients to match the demands of our buyers. ODESSA Colorado Springs would love the opportunity to sell Honda Remarking Fleet/Lease vehicles to show you that we can grow together and be successful, resulting in a strong import buyer base, increased weekly volume and high retention rates.

Utilizing the business tools that we've developed from our current factory accounts, ODESSA Colorado Springs goals for Honda Remarking are as follows: Improve participation from Honda franchise dealers; utilize economic data to leverage niche markets; maximize Hand's retention 4 on sold units and create a high energy level of service; monthly broadcast emails, ales calendar with projected volume and upcoming promotions distributed by the sales team and posted within the auction house and commitment to Honda buyers.

Dealers will benefit from ODESSA Colorado Springs exclusive service with: Access to ODESSA Simulcast; featured eve. Com event sales and exposure; hotel and travel reimbursement for qualified Honda buyers; additional vehicle incentive offered on Hand's heavy stocked models and access to ODESSA. Com for sale dates and pre-sale inventory. For additional promotions, we'll do the following: top 10 buyers will be treated to an appreciation dinner. Basically, thanking them for their business.