Human Service professionals provide services and resources set forth to help clients become self-sufficient by teaching them new skills to overcome hardships and better their livelihoods for their families as well as themselves. Human service clients face many ranges of problems on any given basis. Homelessness, abuse, immigrations, addictions, disabilities, mental illness, incarceration, and also veteran transitions are Just a few.

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Sometimes the things that we are faced with throughout our lives is too tough oaf load to carry. That is when a human service professional can come into place. They help the client with situations that may be too over bearing or with situations clients may not have any control of. Homelessness affects more than 3. 5 million people each year. "35% of the homeless population is families with children which is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. 23% are U.

S military veterans, 25% are children under the age of eighteen years, 30% have experienced domestic violence and 20-25% buffer from mental illness" (National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness). Human Service professionals can assist a homeless individual or family with suitable housing or shelter. Human service professionals will make sure that the individuals get the resources that he or she needs to survive on a day to day basis like food and or welfare assistance. They will set goals and teach skills of effectiveness to prevent future setbacks of homelessness for the individual.

Human service professional clients both young and old, woman and men, child ND adolescents are also faced with abuse. Abuse has no racial, ethical, economical, or religious preference. It could affect any one from your family member, friend, or even your next door neighbor. In 2011 National Abuse statistics states, "Approximately 681 ,OHO children were victims of maltreatment (unique instances), forty-six states reported approximately 3. 3 million children received preventative service from child protective service agencies in the United States.

Children younger than one year had the highest rank of factorization of 21. 2 per 1,000 children in the cantonal population of the same age of the children who experienced maltreatment of abuse, over 75% suffered neglect; more than 15% suffered sexual abuse. More than 75% of reported child fatalities as a result of abuse and neglect were caused by one or more of the child victim's parent's" (National Children's Alliance). In a case of abuse the human service professional will first remove the child from the endangered home and place them into safety.

That child will then receive counseling that will not only help the child but also help the professional with the client's given situation. The child's home and parent or parent's will be investigated and later determined whether the child will be safe to return home or place into DIR custody for adoption. Immigrants are clients that may need human service professional find classes to Nell teem Walt tenet Engel's, Tina noses Ana Sods or Just assault teem Walt paperwork. Some clients may have addictions that they can't control and need help with getting over it.

Addictions can range from drugs, alcohol, or even behavioral. In a situation where a client may need help with overcome an addiction to cocaine a human service reflections will determine the help the individual need and get the resources of overcoming the habit. Human service professionals will assist the client with finding the correct rehabilitation most suitable and also help with the client's family in understanding the situation at hand. Another problem human service professional clients deal with, and maybe unknowingly is mental illness.

Human service professionals will determine to the best of their abilities to who the client with the mental illness should see. They will direct them to either other professionals or even roofs that suffer from the same or similar mental illnesses as their client. If the client is able to be treated by the human service professional they will try to help the client be self-sufficient and or receive the care that they need on a day-to-day basis. Disabilities affect clients of human service professionals as well. Human service professionals help clients with disabilities become self-sufficient as well as morale support.

They assist clients with disabilities in finding equal employment and to live independently. They also set up resources like people that may grocery shop if the client is unable to or even a ride to the doctor if the client is unable to drive. Incarceration is a problem human service clients are faced with as well. Human service professionals can set up counseling and treatment for the client, housing, and Job training to keep the client from going back to prison and becoming a productive member of society again. They also help with reconnecting with family and friends that were also affected by the incarceration.

Another and definitely important Job for human service professional is helping veterans. Veterans can be affected by most of the problems mentioned above if not all. Veterans are not only facing problems on the civilian side but also in the military. Some vets find it hard to transition back after a deployment. Human service professional help veterans adapt back into a civilian lifestyle by helping them find housing and also work. Some veterans continue to work for the government and need assistance with finding those particular Jobs.

Human service professional also alp them with counseling and other services that their local VA has to offer. Human service professional also help the veterans that are worse off. Veterans with newly disabilities and also mental illness do to combat. Human service professional help an array of individual get grasp onto life. Their jobs a very important and focus a lot on helping individuals that are helpless. Human service professionals play many roles in their client lives to help them succeed and progress too better future for themselves and their families.

A human arrive professional Job is rewarding because you get to see people progress and improve the lives of the clients for the better. Their work can also be challenging because of the many situations the clients are faced with. At the end of the day the client get the help that they need and also a lifelong friendship with a caring individual that was willing to help when they did not see any way out. REFERENCES Notational student campaign Against Hunger Ana Homelessness. August from. Www. Straightforwardness. Org National Children's Alliance. Gauss 30, 2013 from: www. Incomprehensibility's. Org