Rafi Uddin Shah BBA-III-I Speech Communication Submitted to: Ms Nadia Saeed Hobby or Social Interest For me, hanging out with friends is a very good way to pass time. This includes every thing. By “hanging out” I mean every thing, from playing Cricket, going out for parties, standing idle in the parking, to sitting in a “chai wala” hotel(late at night). I can never sit idle in my house, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling and I can not stand it so I text my friend and go outside. Even though we are not regular players of cricket, but still, our team hardly loses.

One of us shines that day and we win. But the funny part is that we have more fun when we lose, because we attribute the cause of the failure to one person and that poor person has to stand all the taunts. The Best part in ‘hanging out’ is sitting at a “chai wala” hotel. There, we sit for hours, discussing every thing, from university life to world politics. There is a general rule though, one cannot talk about work or study while sitting at that place. How ever the two most popular topics are university teachers and university girls.

Most of the teachers are obviously cursed by us and the girls, ah…well one can imagine the fantasies. With Friends, I feel as if I am free of every thing. No tension, no nothing. No one to stop you, no one to taunt you, In other words, one is completely free, but temporarily, once we come back home, the tension of assignments and work. This does not mean that we talk about mischief all the time. Yes, I and my friends are naughty, but we also know our limits. When we go home, we feel very light and have positive thoughts in our mind.

The best thing about this hobby is that even negative happenings with any one of us are said or treated in such a way that they sounds very amusing, and so are forgotten easily. Sports help me maintain my health and fitness so over all, I am pretty ok with my hobbies because I am fit, do not suffer from any mental illness or depression, and sleep soundly every day. I only stay up all night when I am forced to, and that is mostly due to the University, like right now, I have to stay up so that I can complete this assignment, or else “suffer the consequences”.