As most people on this planet know, World War II has been over for more than 50 years. The ideals of Hitler, a man wanting to eliminate all Jews and minorities, are views that can be questioned. Most people have difficulties accepting failure, and when failure arises people look elsewhere to blame someone else for their shortcomings. In society these people are called scapegoats. The question that comes to mind is Who was Hitler and what were his thoughts?
Most prominent leaders that can be thought of as great dictators were extremely forceful. Julius Caesar and Napoleon both rose up during troubling times of their country. They did this by going to war and winning, they would take over a country, set up a government, and then move on. Hitler was the exact opposite, he was a barbarian who ruled by striking fear into people. “They regard me as an uneducated barbarian. Yes, we are barbarians! We want to be barbarians! It is an honorable title.”
(Rauschning, Hermann. The Voice of Destruction New York, 1940, p.80) The government that Hitler proposed had no real law. The people were to follow what they were told by those who were ranked above them, thus always leading back to Hitler. Hitler taught children to spy on their parents, and then report their wrong doings. He wanted people to hate their neighbors. He wanted those people of different, and for that matter “wrong” religions, political party, and/or race to be eliminated. A lot of the time when people look at history books and see a leader such as Hitler they might think that it was a long time ago, or that people were not that smart. Hitler rose to power in a time when people were literate, a majority of people were fairly smart, and none the less it was a mere 50 years ago.
As most people across the globe will agree Hitler had unsightly political views. He preached that before a government can reach a victory or a happy state it must first undergo a change. This is why the nazi movement was necessary. Hitler preached propaganda, the information that today would be found in The National Enquire. What he preached was what people wanted to hear, it was an easy route out of all of their troubles. He was able to relay his message across the people in Germany and draw more than a third of a vote in a free contested election. He believed that the ability of a man to reach his goals was dependent on two things; his brutality and his originality. “Unfortunately, the contemporary world stresses internationalism instead of the innate values of race, democracy, and the majority instead of the worth of the great leader. Instead of everlasting struggle the world preaches cowardly pacifism and everlasting peace. These three things are the causes of the downfall of all humanity.” (Waite, Robert Hitler and Nazi Germany HBJC publishers 1969 p.60)
Hitler was in great favor of struggle, he believed that because of struggle man rose above animals. Whenever there is a struggle the better man arises from the situation. The Christian virtues of love and humility are just a cover up or weakness, cowardice, and the inability to come to a resolution. “In perpetual peace man’s greatness must decline.” (Waite, Robert Hitler and Nazi Germany HBJC publishers 1969 p.61) This quote states that if everyone is in a Utopian society that there can be no one to look up to, only in times of war and struggle there must rise someone in control. This person who rises in control is a man of greatness.

Force was Hitler’s first law, only force rules. It was a deciding factor in any situation, and it also created right. Throughout time the strongest man survived. The strong man has the right to rule over all those who are weaker then him. The stronger who choose not rule over the weaker have been corrupted.

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Hitler’s views on race are used to justify the right of German’s to step over those who were viewed as inferior. The nazi’s were the elite race and had the right to struggle for the power in Germany. He believed that they had a right to unlimited power. Hitler wanted to create an order, this would include a pure race. One whose minds have not been corrupted with ideals and views, his were to be the only views in the head of the pure race. The race that Hitler carried the most hate towards was the Jews. The Jews represented all that was evil. Jews are everywhere and are responsible for everything, these views are clearly portrayed in a speech in 1922. “. . . . Amongst the parties of the Right he (Jews) encouraged those feature which were most repugnant to the people--the passion for money, unscrupulous methods in trade which were employed so ruthlessly as to give rise to the proverb: “Business, too, marches over corpses.” And the Jew attacked the parties of the Right through the blood of their members. It was from the Jews that the upper classes took their wives. The result was that in a short time it was precisely the ruling class which became in its attitude completely estranged from its own people.”
(Waite, Robert Hitler and Nazi Germany HBJC publishers 1969 p.64) Whatever aspect of Hitler’s views people liked, eventually they became almost forced to accept his views on Jews. Basically all of the other types of government that were around were all being worked behind a master plan that the Jew would be dominant. He claimed that everything that Jewish people have done was not done by them. Their temples’ were built by foreigners. They have never started their own civilization but they have destroyed hundreds. He felt that they were a parasite on everyone, they would live off of others until they could no longer provide for them then move on. The main point that Hitler had was that people wanted power more so then they wanted liberty. This is why many people joined that nazi party, while he did not offer you a say in what went on, he offered you power.

Hitler had many flaws in his personality, he had a very strong craving for power. This acted as a sickness to him. Hitler did not care for the minority, he felt that all he had to do was please the majority and silence the minority. He compared the minority of Germany to a woman. A woman can not dominate a man, much as a minority can not dominate a majority. One would think that a woman would want to dominate something, so she would then turn to the children. The mother does not dominate the children because she feels sorry for them being a minority. This is very contradictory because Hitler was a minority at one point and did not have the support of the majority of people in Germany. He wholeheartedly believed that he needed to dominate people, he gave most of his speeches at night because he thought at night people were more likely to succumb to an authoritative figure than in the morning. He loved to give his speeches in large numbers because he felt that if people disagreed with his views, they would be silenced because of the fear of being alone. People who were of the nazi movement might have been looked down on because they were not that strong on numbers (in the beginning) but when people are surrounded by thousands and thousands of people with the same views they will have the will to stand up to those who question them. The way that he began to get people to believe in his views was that he preached that they were the innocent ones who were tired of being stepped on and now and only now it was time for them to put a stop to it. No more would these innocent people take being put down. It was time for them to be heard.

The nazi movement was that of a chaotic one. While Hitler was a great public speaker he had many flaws that were silenced at the time, but after the fact came out, and were discussed. Hitler was against the very things that he preached. He was tired of being stepped on so he stepped on others. The nazi movement wanted to be heard, while they were heard due to the death count. I propose this question was the nazi movement’s point really heard?In answer to that I think not.