In Workplace Violence Some 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. To prevent and help maintain a healthy and safe workplace environment, The U. S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a booklet of providing guidelines. According to sharecropping. Technocrat. Com, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency of the united States that regulates workplace safety and health and has been In affect since 1970.

OSHA Is a very detailed and helpful booklet as It covers from the Worksheet Analysis to Safety and Health Training with a reconsidering and program evaluation to keep instances to a minimal at the workplace. Management should be aware and share the workplace violence prevention evaluation reports with all employees, although those reports should be employee confidential. During their normal incoming hires training, employers should have awareness training to help that individual understand the policy, program, or system In place for that specific healthcare facility.

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The American Psychiatric Nurses Association found that safety is one of the pop issues of concern for registered nurses. The importance of these procedures is for the administration to help not only the patients but to also benefit peers and physicians seen daily. Teach the employees that horizontal violence isn't acceptable and to provide role modeling and a scripted out exercise to identify the types of horizontal violence. The ongoing education and commitment to a caring and respectful environment Is key too successful healthcare facility.

In a 2010 commentary in the American Journal of Nursing, emergency-department nurse Jessica Leigh Taylor of SST. Davit's South Austin Hospital in Austin, Texas encouraged nursing associations everywhere to make deterring violence a "top priority" and hospital directors to institute and enforce "zero-tolerance policies" at their facilities (Dossal). Violence prevention programs are becoming common In the healthcare field to help reduce the threat of workplace violence.

These programs should create a clear policy of zero tolerance for workplace violence, verbal and nonverbal threats and related actions, ensure that no employee who reports or experiences workplace lenience faces payback and to promptly report incidents and suggest ways to reduce or eliminate those risks. ("Guidelines for preventing,"). The Heinlein County Medical Society in Minnesota has developed guidelines that promise to significantly reduce abusive behaviors. Approximately 30 organizations have adopted the guidelines.

Kaiser Permanent In Colorado says It has stamped out abuse In Its 18 medical offices. Experts suggest using a collaborative, educational approach to raise understanding and awareness of appropriate codes of conduct and enforcing the expected behaviors with a "three-strikes-and-you're-out" policy (Health care at, 2002) Organizational facilities should have a list of recommendations that they should follow through to continue a successful and healthy operating facility.

Continuing to education, increasing awareness of the issue amongst nurses, employers and to the general public are some of the recommendations that organizations should strive to accomplish. Further training and continuously educating employees about workplace violence procedures and policies to eliminate the potential for such a problem to append benefits the patients and staff for their healthcare facility.

Healthcare facilities main goal is to promote the common relationship and bond between the nurse and the patient care and as well work as a team in using your skills and growing as a company without the thought or concern of workplace violence.