Exercise helps to tone muscles and shape your body. In your opinion, what effect can advertisements seen in magazines and on television have on the way people see themselves physically? In my opinion, advertisements and magazines affect people by convincing them to spend money on a magic pill, or a 2 minute workout plan to help them lose body fat and gain muscle. They praise good looking celebrities and fit individuals, this gives negative gestures towards their audience for seeming physically unfit.

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Why is the word "personal" so important in a personal fitness class? The word personal is very important because it is your own health and fitness, not someone else's. You cannot exercise for another person. Compare two people your age, one who is very fit and one who is rather unfit. Are there any differences in them besides physical fitness? Someone who is very fit is usually happy, and outgoing. They have good self esteem because of their body image, and have a positive view on life.

Someone who is unfit is generally unhappy and reserved. They have a really low self esteem because of their body image. What is the relationship, if any, between body image and self esteem? There is a strong relationship between body image and self esteem. If you are not satisfied with the way you KICK, your sell esteem wall most Kelly go clown. IT you are Seattle Witt way you look, your self esteem will most likely go up. With a high self esteem, it can boost all aspects of your life and your perspective of it.