The Hawthorn Craft Market, operated by the council has moved from the Hawthorn town Hall to the Atrium beside the library at Swinburne University. This market was established in 1979 and it is one of Melbourne longest run markets. The Hawthorn Craft Market has about 100 stalls that sell had crafted goods and home grown produce. The market has a wide range of goods to sale from pastries, food, jewellery, fashion, baby products, crafts and gifts among other things. The market is open on every first Sunday of the month except in January and February and also a special Christmas Twilight Market. There is safe parking available for the customers that drive and also public transport servicing the Hawthorn area.

The statement of the problem is has the move affected the sales of Hawthorn Craft market and how will the move affect or change the shoppers experience. Hawthorn Craft Market has moved to a place where there is a lot of competition. There are other crafts markets within the radius of 10km from Atrium. There is the Art centre at Melbourne, the Rose Street Market at Fitzroy, the Blackbird Market also located at Fitzroy, the Rotary Sunday Market at Camberwell and the Hatch Incubator Market at the City Library. All this market gives competition to the Hawthorn Craft Market. Hawthorne is the only market in the area that opens on Sundays within a radius of 5km.

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The best methods of research to use in this scenario are secondary methods of data collection. The demographic data will be used from the Hawthorn census .this will help with the most important part of the whole research process. For example, using the demographic data, we will be able to have a selection criterion for the focus group meeting selection depending on either age, family structure or what part of the Hawthorn they stay in. The research targets how the market will improve the profits of the market in the region due to the move. The factors being considered to help with the improvement of the revenue are; demographics, consumer behavior and accessibility to the market. The results of the research will help in coming up with solutions that will help improve the revenue of the market and also help with the publicity.

The main objectives of the research are a) How accessible is the new location. b) Review the target market using demographics c) New ideas and improvements on the market from consumers d) Find out why people opt to shop or not to shop at hawthorn. Using the secondary methods of data collection, the census data provided a clear cut way forward on analyzing how the surrounding areas demography affected the sales at Hawthorn Craft Market.

The major factor affecting the market is the age factor. The products sold at the Hawthorn Craft Market have to focus on their target market. In Hawthorne the age group of between 25-29years is the largest so most of the products sold have to target the age group so as to get more customers coming to look for something at the market. The products should be both for males and females as the population of this group are equal. The sale of baby products might not have a boom as the population of couples with children is not as much as that of couples without children.

The other method of research that can be used is focus groups. With the focus group meeting, one can be able to collect data on what the consumers prefer and think about the Hawthorn market. Out of the focus groups, we will get ideas from the customers of how to improve on the market thus increasing the revenue. Cluster sampling can be used to select members of the focus group. The groups can be selected through the demographic information, either by age groups or family structure or regions. Questionnaires can be used to get opinions on what the customer prefers at the market and why they also prefer shopping at either Hawthorn Craft Market or not to shop there. This method will help the council to come up with ways that can make those that prefer going elsewhere to come to the Hawthorn market the next time they need something.


The objective of the research is to review the target market using demographics, to find out how accessible the new location is, to get ideas that will improve the revenue and the services at the Hawthorn Craft Market and to find out why one prefers to shop at the market or not. With the research the Hawthorn Craft Market will be able to get more customers if they increase the number of days in which they open the store they should at least open it two to three times a week. The market should also try to stock up more things that will be needed by the larger population as it is their largest target market according to the demographic data.

The questionnaire that will be carried out on the 2nd of September will be done in the Atrium when the market is open. The questionnaires will be given to the customers as they enter and they will drop it off as they leave the Atrium. The questionnaires will not be long and they will have choices to make it easier for the customers to answer as they do their shopping. Most of the questions will be closed ended questions that do not need a lot of explaining.

Questionnaire design. The questionnaire will have three parts the first part will be personal information. For example the gender, age and address of the interviewee. The second part of the questionnaire will be the main part of the questionnaire. It will have questions that will give answers to the objectives of carrying out the questionnaire. For example do you prefer shopping at Hawthorn Craft Market? Why? The third part of the questionnaire will be and open ended question that will be recommendations and comments. With this questionnaire most of the objectives of the research will be achieved as the research will be qualitative as it will not have been done out of speculation. It will be like an indirect interview with the customer.


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