May 4, 2004
P of E -3
Why take two lives when you should
Only have to take one...

Over 75% to 85% of rape victims are against abortion (Reardon 1). They
believe it would not have solved anything. Abortion followed by rape is
looked at in many different ways, some believe it is the best others
believe it ruins lives.

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The people aside from the victims look at them as if they are crazy
when they talk about keeping a child from them when they were raped.

Victims only know what is best for them. After being sexually assaulted
by person, emotions can only be imagined. It is as if their life has ended.

The next thing most victims want to do is take a young un-born child's

Some doctors whom a pro-abortion love rape cases because they are
emotionally unstable and they do not know what they really want to do
(Reardon 1). Other doctors say, "An abortion is not the magical surgery to
make a woman "un-pregnant" or even "un-raped" for that matter. (Reardon 2)"
Women have the rights of their own and a right to choose how to spend 9
months of their life. Some feel it is justifiable, whether they are taking
another life or not. Some women, rape victims use it as "if it were a
rewind button on life." Some women would fight to their death for the
rights, and allowing abortions is one of those rights they feel strongly
about. When a mother gives up her child's life for a comfortable life of
her own some look at that as unmoral. Many believe it is wrong. Pro-
abortion members go after everyone in everyway they can, such as rape,
incest victims, young teens and those with comfortable lifestyles. Women
who have been raped sometimes think that if they do not abort the baby then
the rapist will be attached to them for next 9 months of their lives. These
women feel that abortion is a disconnection, immoral (Reardon 1) choice.

Un-like pro-abortion many more rape victims seem to be pro-life. In
fact, it is said that nearly 70% of all women believe an abortion is an act
of violence against women's bodies and the un-born child. Who knows what
this child's life may have become if it would have been able to live
because there was some law against abortion. Even though these children
come out of, a horrible experience does not mean something wonderful cannot
come out of that child. When you go into an average day at a Preschool and
spend time with ten different children, each one of them will have a
different personality and mind set on life. So what has to say that
children you abort would not have views of their own later in life? Many
believe that the mother owes the birth of the child, to the child and
herself as a conclusion of a tragic moment in her lifetime.

Some are pro-life and some are pro-abortion "Will this war ever end..."
Nations for years have been fighting over this issue and yet it seems no
one can ever be right. What the U.S. has finally done is to let women
choose. If they feel that, it is necessary to carry out with an abortion
for any reason before the 24-week term. Minors cannot obtain an abortion
without consent from a legal guardian. (Economist) The U.S. has one
of loosest laws on abortion compared to England where women are required to
obtain to permits from doctors before it is performed. It should be handled
that way. You must have a provable reason to carry out an abortion. Here in
the U.S. people are so caught up in their freedom of this and that, or what
they are doing to others. It is said that the U.S. may be changing their
ways. Clinton quotes, "I want abortion to be sage, legal, and rare." So
maybe someday the U.S. will allow abortion but only to special cases such
as rape victims or people with mental or physical problems.

Abortion is a continuous battle that many women and congress men and
numerous people all over the world battle over everyday. Is there a right
or a wrong? No, it's your opinion. The guy next door may not agree, but
there are no laws against saying you have to be pro-abortion or pro-life.

Abortion will probably always be around. No matter how the laws on it
change. This is because there will always be a demand for it in some way or
another. If you have your views on it and influence them on others, them
maybe one day the "war" will be as large. Less lives will be lost on that