Aesha Shah ENGLISH 090 Has Technology made communication between people better? Technology the word itself tells us everything. Technology is growing at a faster rate nowadays. Many new devices are being developed each and every day and every devices are different with each other. Technology has created a major breakthrough in human lives. It has made communication people better and I agree with this statement. Nowadays imagining life without technology is like imagining the fish without water.

Technology has created an era of development to mankind and the world is progressing because of technology at a great speed. The innovations such as Computer, Television, Cars, Phone and cellphones played an important role in development of communication better between people. Communication is smarter, faster, advanced, and unbelievable. One press of button could call three friends at a time. And could even do a video call or chat. This all is possible with the development of computer, laptops.

Even a person can see his peers, family members among the different countries. Technology has developed to an extent such that if a person stays thousands of miles away from his home but still can know the news that what is happening in his town or city. Computer was a major breakthrough in development of technology. Computers technology can also be used in educational communication purposes. We could also interview an educated person and this can be shown to the children through which they can be motivated.

Even weeding’s nowadays are done by video calling and chatting. Did you ever think this could be possible with technology? Many more things can be done with the help of technology and communication can be even faster than we could think of. 2 The development of television and use of technology communication with help of it. 3 Cellphones and emails are growing at a faster rate and many communication are done by it nowadays.