The rain co
English Section 7
Mr. Daniel Reicosky
July 18th, 2002
The Modern ntinued to fall as it had for the past week. Hayden was trying to figure out what had happen in the past six months. The lost of his father, the gain of a stepfather, it all puzzled him.
How can all of this happen in such short amount of time? She didnt even wait a month after my fathers death to get married, to his brother at that. Hayden stared out the widow at the rain from his desk.

A sight breeze blew past him, Hayden turned around to see where it came from. He was faced with his father. Hayden was speechless. The spirit gently touched his left shoulder then spoke. Hayden, my death was not an accident. Your uncle set up the plane crash, so he could have it all.

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But what can I do? Hayden managed to mutter.

I need you to stop Claude from ruining anymore lives, including yours.

Before Hayden reacted, the room was empty again.

Suddenly a knocking came from his oak door. Hayden stood up, walked across the room to the door and opened it. It was Harry, Haydens best friend. He told Harry everything that just happened. They decided that taking Claudes life would be the best plan.

But, Lorne, I dunno if Hayden still wants to be with me. He says he cares for me, but he just doesnt show his affection. Olivia stated as she looked into her mirror and slowly brushed her silky blonde hair.

Lorne slowly walked up to Olivia, gently place his right hand on her left shoulder, and then said, Livie, I have nothing against Hayden Christiansen, but I just dunno if hes the right person for you.

Why is that? Olivia was puzzled.

I get a bad vibe from him.

Well, last week, I was walking down the hall and I saw Hayden, so, naturally I stopped and said hi. But he just kept on walking. He completely ignored me. Olivia said with an upset tone. I just wanted to cry.

I just dont know about him. Lorne looked at his watch, then continued. I have to go.

Olivia turned, looked at Lorne, and questioned. Youre leaving already? But you just came home last night.

I know, Im sorry. But this time I wont be got as long this time.

Olivia sighed then said, Okay.

But remember if he makes you cry, hes just not worth it.

Alright. Olivia replied then kissed Lorne on his pale lips.

Good-bye my dearest Olivia. I love you.

Have a safe trip. I love you too. Olivia smiled.

Lorne smiled back to Olivia and left her lavender room.

Hayden paced back and forth in the small room, while Harry just watched him. They had no ideas on how they were going to kill Claude but they knew it had to be done.

What about poison? Harry questioned looking at Hayden with anxious eyes.
How are we gonna get it? Hayden replied as he stopped to look at Harry.

I dunno.

Plus we couldnt use just anything like rat poisoning because then people will know Claude was murdered. Hayden paused, We have to figure out a way to make it look like an accident.

A silence fell upon the room once again. Then Harrys cell phone rang. The name on the phone read Smith, Marc.

Yes? Harry questioned after he opened his phone. Give us about ten minutes.

As Harry talked to Marc, Hayden just came up with a brilliant plan to stop Claude. It was fool proof.

Yea. Later. Harry hung up his phone. Were gonna meet Marc, Frank, and Bryan in about ten minutes at Charlies. Is that cool with you?
Yeas. I just got the prefect plan to stop Claude but were gonna need Bryan, Marc and Franks help. Hayden said as he stood up and put on his jacket.

Okay. Whats the plan?
Ill tell you on the way to Charlies.

As Harry and Hayden drove down the water-covered road, Haydens cell phone rang. He didnt bother to see who it was. Christiansen.

Hayden, its Olivia. Olivia said in a timid voice.

Hey sweetie. Whats going on? Haydens tone did not change.

I need to take to you.

I cant talk right now. Can I stop by tonight?
Yea. What time?
About seven?
Okay. Bye, I love you.

Buh-bye. Hayden hung up.

Charlies was a small