Claiming an Education - Adrienne Rich (1979)
Women must play an active role in achieving an equal education.
Forty Years of Women's Studies - Beverly Guy-Sheftall (2009)
Reviews history of women's studies, which birthed from second wave feminism. "Intersections" states that modern feminism must aim to include women's experiences from all backgrounds.
No More Miss America - New York Radical Women (1968)
States that Miss America pageant is degrading misogyny at its finest. Compares contestants to playboy centerfold.
A Day Without Feminism - Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards (2000)
Recounts all that second wave feminism has done for our world since 1970. Transformed education, military, family, home life, etc. Feminism has changed our world, but we still have a ways to go.
Feminist Politics: Where We Stand - bell hooks (2000)
Feminist politics has lost momentum and we have to regain it!
The Power and the Gloria - Rachel Graham Cody (2012)
An interview with Gloria Steinem, famed second wave feminist who speaks on modern feminism, how we need to move forward.
Facebook for Women vs. Facebook Designed by Feminists - C. V. Harquail (2010)
Author states that facebook designed by feminists would be a platform for activism and change. We have nothing like this because men are the ones designing.
Still Needing the F Word - Anna Quindlen (2003)
Feminism should not be a derogatory word and is still very necessary today for the progression of gender equality.
My Heroines - Marge Piercy (2010)
A poem that talks about gratitude for the female feminists who helped us accomplish so much.
Toward a New Vision - Patricia Collins (1993)
"Race, Class, and Gender as categories of analysis and connection" Intersectionality, Dimensions of oppression, basically goes over intersectionality
Intersectionality - Vivian May (2012)
(Common sense) Talks about intersectionality, privilege and oppression, etc.
There is No Hierarchy of Oppression - Audre Lorde (2009)
Intersectionality eliminates the idea that one oppression is worse than another.
White Privilege and Male Privilege - Peggy McIntosh (1988)
Famous author who writes about "Unpacking the knapsack of privilege." Gives list of examples of privileges for straight, white, and male.
Opening Pandora's Box: Adding Classism to the Agenda - Felice Yeskel (2007)
Discusses how classist thinking also affects individuals. The author developed a group in which everyone had very different financial backgrounds, and they discussed the implications of class and how they're supposed to appear
The Social Construction of Disability - Susan Wendell (1996)
Discusses disability, the pace of life, in which when society sets the pace higher, more people become disabled. More expectation = more people left behind or left at ends trying to do for them things they need to to survive. Physical structures also set the disabled at a disadvantage. They're stigmatized as crippled and helpless because they're "not normal".
Report from the Bahamas - June Jordan (1985)
June Jordan, on her vacation in the Bahamas, realizes the plight of the native people, having to assimilate to the new culture at colonization or die off. She struggles for a solution on the plane ride home, and encounters a crisis with one of her students. Her student's husband beats her, and with the help of an Irish friend, they go to her to provide support. June then realizes the only way to break the master servant roles is to reach out.
The Five Sexes, Revisited - Anne Fausto-Sterling (2000)
Instead of the binary, we need a 5 sex model for those born intersex. The spectrum includes males and females, and adds herms, merms, and ferms.
The Social Construction of Gender - Judith Lorber (1994)
Everyone is constantly performing their gender.
Unarveling Hardwiring- Cordelia Fine (2010)
We're not locked into our behaviors or personalities of our ancestors. Life isn't hardwired, it's a product of society.
Trans Identities and Contigent Masculinities: Being Tombois in Everyday Practice - Evelyn Blackwood (2009)
In West Sumatra, Indonesia, Tombois are respected not only in public but within their homes as well. They're left to roam as men would, while unmarried women are kept under close supervision. The issues they face come from some of their families pushing marriage onto them, but that's it.
Through the Lens of Race: Black and White Women's Perceptions of Womanhood - Isis H. Settles, Jennifer S. Pratt-Hyatt, and NiCole T. Buchanan (2008)
Women of color experience different issues with gender identification and sexual freedoms or harassment. Black women feel their inner strength is necessary and a product of living within a racist society.
Wrestling With Gender - Deborah H. Brake (2013)
Boy refused to wrestle a girl at States. The media painted the boy as a chivalrous hero, claiming his father taught him never to harm a girl, and that he was afraid he'd hurt her.
Breast Buds and the "Training" Bra - Joan Jacobs Brumberg (1997)
The bra was first marketed to adult women, while most women and girls still made their own undergarments at home. And they suck. It's all marketing nowaday
If Men Could Menstruate - Gloria Steinem (1978)
Beautiful look at the patriarchy in action. Men aren't in power because of physical indicators; they're in power because we've structured society to allow them to be.
Prosthetic Power - Aimee Mullins (2009)
Talks about how society trains people to see disabilities as pitiful instead of unique and empowering, and perhaps super-powers.
Beating Anorexia and Gaining Feminism - Marni Grossman (2010)
A woman notices how misogyny drove her and her friends to starving themselves, and beats her disease by studying feminism. Empowering.
Ethnicity and Body Consciousness - Dara Greenwood and Sonya Dal Cin (2012)
Studies the link between black women only seeing white women in media and all women only seeing thin girls- finds that black women report higher body satisfaction than white women and lower levels of media internalization.
What We Fo For Love - Rose Weitz (2004)
Talks about how much a woman's hair matters to her beauty, relationship, job, etc. In a critical tone
Hold That Nose - Lisa Miya-Jervis (2003)
An ethnically Jewish but non religious woman discussing her ethnic nose and how it has affected her life. Also talks about how Judaism, unlike any other religion, is both a religion and ethnicity.
Is Fat a Feminist Issue? Exploring the Gendered Nature of Weight Bias - Janna Fikkan and Esther Rothblum (2011)
Questions why anti-fat bias hasn't been paid attention to by feminists, while anorexia stands as the patriarchal hatred thrown onto women. Anti-fat bias affects all non thin women in all realms of life.
Bodies and Bathrooms - Dan Frosch (2013)
Story of an elementary school girl (born a boy) who administrators made use a gender neutral bathroom. Parents pulled her out of school, lawsuit in process.
If the Clothes Fit: A Feminist Take on Fashion - Minh-Ha Pham (2011)
Discussed how modern fashion is often restrictive, but that we have the power to transform it into being a tool of unique expression!
Thinking About Shakespeare's Sister - Virginia Woolf (1929)
Analyzes the lack of famous female authors in comparison to men.
The Wife - Emily Dickinson (1860)
A poem about becoming a wife and losing virginity... I think
Rush Limbaugh and New Networked Feminism - Tom Watson (2012)
Discusses the misogyny still prevalent today, we are not post- feminist.
Poetry Is Not a Luxury - Audre Lorde (1982)
Speaks about how poetry is a vital necessity for women to express new idea expressions and give them the power to move forward.
Enlightened Sexism - Susan Douglas (2010)
Modern sexism is disguised as female empowerment. Media portrays gender equity, when it simply doesn't exist yet
If Women Ran Hip Hop - Aya de Leon (2007)
A poem describing a lovely world with free condoms, social workers, love, daycare, acceptance, etc in hip hop clubs
Vampires and Vixens - Alison Happel and Jennifer Esposito (2010)
Speaks about the sexualized violence and glorified patriarchal relationship between Edward and Bella.
Don't Act Crazy, Mindy - Heather Haveilesky (2013)
Speaks about how powerful women on tv are always flawed, and their flaws give them power. But they are seen as crazy. Proposes that "crazy" women are actually just really smart women
Beyoncé: Feminist Icon? - Sophie Weiner (2013)
Provides pieces of evidence that suggest Beyoncé is in fact a feminist icon
Cyber activism and the Role of Women in the Arab Uprisings - Courtney Radsch (2012)
Analyzes how women used social media to organize protests and revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Bad Girl, Good Girl: Zines Doing Feminism - Alison Piepmeier (2009)
I don't really know. The title is explanatory
The Cult of Virginity - Jessica Valentin (2009)
Finds that there is no medical definition of virginity, virginity is a state of being used to oppress women
New Orientations: Asexuality - Karli Cerankowski and Megan Milks (2010)
Questions whether or not Asexuality is queer or feminist? Challenges pro-sex feminism.
Dismantling Hierarchy, Queering Society - Andrea Smith (2010)
Speaks about how colonialism and hierarchy are restricting us from moving forward with LGBT and suggests that queer politics is the answer.
The Gender Gap in Pain - Laurie Edwards (2013)
Women are received biased treatment by medical system, are often treated as mentally unstable.
Rethinking Radical Politics in the Context of Assisted Reproductive Technology - Jennifer Parks (2009)
Discusses how ART is both oppressive and liberating to women. Allows women to have children, but also capitalist control of women's bodies
Freedom to Choose? Three Essays on Abortion Rights (2012)
Describes different scenarios in which women have abortions. You should read