Gretchen Oberdorfer and Angelica EscalanteMrs. ArmbrusterPeriod 6 Literature "Slip or Trip"January 19, 2018Slip or Trip Report At about 1:30 am, Arthur Volupides was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in his home. Arthur was lying on his back at the bottom of the staircase, with his feet resting motionless on the second and third steps. In addition, he was also holding a glass that was seemingly in good condition and without any cracks. There were no broken objects on the stairs or at the base of the stairs where Arthur was laying.

Arthur's suit was wrapped neatly with a robe and the floor around his body was dry. The oven was left on with some kind of food still cooking on it. His wife Queenie Volupides had said that Arthur had slipped and fell down the stairs when he was coming down for another drink all while still holding a glass in his hand. She also asked her friends what to do when they arrived at her house 10 minutes after she did. She also said that she invited them over for a drink after going out to a country club with them. The autopsy says Arthur died from a head wound and it was also confirmed that he'd been drunk.     The evidence found at the scene does not support what Queenie Volupides says happened to her husband. First, Arthur had a glass in his hand and as a rule when people fall down a set of stairs, a glass object of any sort would either break or fall from out of their hand in order to free up space to brace the fall.

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Secondly, Arthur was laying on his back and if someone falls down a set of stairs, they tend to end up on their back. Also, Arthur's robe was in good condition and not in disarray. When someone falls down stairs, the clothes they are wearing would most likely be wrinkled and distorted in order to suggest some kind of struggle to gain support.

 Arthur was also found dead within about 10 minutes. As a rule, a wound to the head would usually cause the victim to take longer than 10 minutes to die and Queenie found her husband dead, waiting ten minutes to get help. A wife would probably not wait 10 minutes to get or call for help when their husband is dying. Lastly, no object were found broken around or near the sight of the incident. As a rule, if someone falls they would probably bump into some things and would possibly break it. It is recommended that the case should be investigated further.

Queenie should be questioned to a greater extent and the scene should be tested for fingerprints and possible signs of struggle. The investigation should also look further into whether Arthur was right-handed or left-handed. More investigation is also necessary to know more about how Arthur obtained a  head wound and when he may have gotten drunk. This is needed because Queenie may be lying and more evidence to see exactly how he got the head wound and what damage it may have done would lead the investigation to a more complete explanation of how Arthur Volupides died and what lead up to his catastrophic fall down the stairs.