Government of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Secretariat, Education Departmen. Subject: - Placement/Postings of P. G. Masters as I/C Lecturers in the discipline of Chemistry. Government Order No. 475-Edu of 2008 DATED: 23-09-2008 With a view to filling up the available vacancies of Lecturers in Chemistry discipline, the P. G.

Masters/Teachers figuring in the Annexure “A” on the basis of Seniority/eligibility are hereby placed as I/C Lecturers in their own pay and grade with charge allowance as admissible under rules in the discipline of chemistry for a period of six months or till the posts are filled up on regular basis, whichever is earlier. This placement however will not confer any superior claim in them viz-a-vis others and shall not be without prejudice to the superior claim as may be existing or get established and shall be subject to the outcome of any case or claim decided or pending disposal before the Hon’ble Courts.

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The officers figuring in Annexure “A” shall report to Director of School Education Kashmir/Jammu of their respective division with in a period of 21 days from the date of issue of this order. The director school education, Kashmir/Jammu shall allow these I/C Lecturers to join and post them in their respective divisions against the available vacancies to our come the shortage of teaching personnel in Chemistry discipline subject to verification of following: - a. that the P. G. ertificate on the basis of which the elevation in I/C Capacity as Lecturer is authorized has been obtained from the institution which is recognized and authorized to award the degree and in the case of degree in Arts subject obtained in Distance