GOOD GOVERANCE AND ROLE OF PUBLIC SERVANT Outlines: 1. Introduction 2. Definition of Good Governance 3. Characteristics of Good Governance 4. Importance of Good Governance 5. Good Governance in Pakistan 6. Public Servant and its role for Good Governance 7. Conclusion Governance is not a new concept. It is, as old as, human civilization. Governance has various forms and manifestations according to varied and diversified needs and gigantic challenges with ever changing circumstances.

For example, accountability, justice, law and order, poverty alleviation, judicious allocation of funds and distribution of resources, reducing economic disparities and inequalities, provision of education, health facilities and other subsistence amenities. Whereas,Good Governance is somewhat relatively new conceptmaking itself pervasively deep rooted and indispensable at comity of nations.

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World is clutched in, with enormous problems and emerging challenges of dramatic changes of global weather phenomenon and world politics, increasing food security crises, recent famines in Horns Of Africa, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rains and flash floods, and security of peoples” and properties is at the verge of risk due to increasing extremist fascism and Islamists radicalization of societies in Europe and East respectively. “Good Governance,therefore, is a process of making decisions and implementing decisions made, properly and effectively. ” Various state organization and agencies are responsible for Good Governance.

Government,being more powerful structure, is primarily responsible for governance. Balanced and conducive working relationship between Government and bureaucracy is crucial factor for Good Governance. Any fracture in that correlation would bring repercussions to an unbearable extent. New emerging economies, now are concentrating on Good Governance rather than on industrial growth. Good governance has different characteristics . Each characteristic has its own importance and its attainment is vital for overall Governance. Briefly these characteristics are summed as under: I.

ACROSS THE BOARD ACCOUNTABILITY: Every citizenry of country should be accounted for his good or bad deeds. In former case should be appreciated and awarded and in later case punitive measures be recommended against him. Accountability should be across the board irrespective of political, social, religious and monetary affiliations from head of state or government to common citizen. II. JUDICIOUS DISTRIBUTION AND EQUITABLE SHARING OF STATE RESOURCES: Resources are scarce /scanty and wants are unlimited. In this scenario, poor and under privilege classes may be given priority to redress their grievances .

And , because these classes are more susceptible and vulnerable for exploitation from other groups ,like militant elements , take advantage of such vacuums left unfilled by governments. Provincial autonomy with more powers to federating units is also healthy sign for judicious distribution and allocation of funds. III. LAW AND ORDER SITUATION: It is primary duty of government to protect peoples” lives and their properties. For this purpose ,different tiers of security forces are kept ranging from Army, paramilitary forces, levies, Frontier Constabulary, Frontier corps, Police and to Scouts.

Police are responsible for maintaining intercity and intra cities law and order. IV. SPEEDY DISPENSATION OF JUSTICE: “Justice delayed is justice denied” is commonly used maxim of under developing countries. Speedy and inexpensive justice is sole responsibility of state. It should be provided at any cost. Otherwise, injustice ridden peoples will leave no stone unturned, to rebel and revolt against justice system and government functionaries as a whole. V. DISSEMINATION AND IMPARTING OF EDUCATION: Education is birth right of every individual person of state.

Religion Islam has also emphasized to its believers to knowledge and education. Education plays an important role for human development and economic growth. VI. PREVALENCE AND SUPREMACY OF DEMOCRATIC VALUES: “Democracy is the government of people, by the people and for the people”. Democracy is world over recognized best form of government . All nations of world strive for this form of government. VII. PROVISION OF BASIC AMENITIES AND HEALTH FACILITIES: As it is commonly said, Healthy body healthy mind. So education and health sectors are crucial for healthy human and economic development.

Nations with their higher investment in a. Education and health sectors have achieved greater growth rate. Improper attention to this sector would drag us to abyss. Health facilities should be provided to populace at gross root level. This would help to make people aware of epidemic and chronic diseases. VIII. TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATION SERVICES: Today”s world is global village. We are living in the era of ‘information age. ”Safer and faster transportation facilities are available. Distances have been reduced from hours to minutes. People to people contacts have become increasingly closer.

Digital libraries, Tele education centers, Tele medicine centers have been established worldwide to facilitate people. E governance is also deepening its roots to provide good governance. Therefore, it is essentially important for state to provide Information and communication services and for that purpose developed countries have set up ITCs. Importance of GOOD GOVERNANCE cannot be ruled out because of its multidimensional advantages. It is integral part of human and economic developments. No progress would be possible without prevalence of Good Governance.

Nations are reducing their distances and barriers to form blocs to progress rapidly. World summit held in 2005,in its joint statement, it emphasized and urged nations to bury their hatchets and join hands work more effectively for their masses. Nations at daggers dawn, for example, France and Germany,during Second World War, are now intimate friendsof each other in EUROZONE with free trade barriers and common currency. Rapid growth of china, Brazil and Malaysia is mostly attributed to their good governances in their respective countries within four decades lifespan.

In Turkey, ruling party, JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT PARTY(AKP) reached to its pinnacle, started its journey by winning local government elections, at regional level and finally at national level using good governance as its useful weapon. AKP toppled military regime in Turkey and deepened Democratic values. so strong had been the Democracy in Turkey that more than 300 Generals and lower rank military officers were being trialed by courts for making conspiracies against civilian government to topple it.

Tumultuous turmoil in the Arab World is bleak picture of so called authoritative, totalitarian, tyrannical and despotic rule of Arab Leaders for that they had been suppressing their masses for years. Absence of Good governance brought Arab young generation on the streets of ALGIERS,CARIO,SANA, TRIPOLI and Damascus to demand for freedom, political and economic reforms. Arab Youth strictly followed the proverb “united we stand, divided we fall”. Eventually, they ousted ZAIN EL ABIDIN BIN ALI,former president of Algiers, HOSNI MOBARAK, former president of Egypt,

BIN SALEH, former president of Yemen and most recently, Col MaummarQadhafi, President of Libya. All these revolts in Arab World have been named as “Arab Spring’’by western media. Arab spring had been the result of mentally ill and conceptually biased perception of Arab Leaders towards welfare of their masses. Consequently, Arab countries other than Arab spring victims, are reviewing their policies to make them more vigorous, rejuvenated and vibrant for their populace. Good Governance had been lingering issue in Pakistan since its inception on the world map.

Pakistan faced first tragedy when Quaid died in 1948 and second, when Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in 1951 at Rawalpindi. Those shocks made new nation leaderless. Pakistan had remained epicenter of good governance deficit primarily because of government and bureaucracy imbalance. At present Pakistan is sixth and second largest populous country of world and Muslim world respectively. Due to alarming population growth rate and scarcity of resources, Pakistan is abounded with manifold problems.

For example , unemployment , poverty, energy crises ,environmental issues, like pollution of different types, deforestation, desertification ,water logging and salinity ,political issues , like disappearances ,journalist and targeted killings , land and drug mafias have encroached upon the softer image of Pakistan. This governancedeficitcould only be bridged over, if there exists both, a political and bureaucratic intransigent will. Pakistan had gained nothing during its age of 63 years. It is high time, now to integrate political and bureaucratic will, in letter and spirit.

Democracy in Pakistan is Pyrrhic victory at the euphemism of political reconciliation. It is sharing of power formula between military establishment and political forces. So called NRO is perfect example to mention. Governance is being sacrificed at the name of reconciliation to strengthen democracy to bode farewell to undemocratic forces. Practically it is not workable because latter forces have transcendent influence over key decisions related to interior and border security, and foreign policy.

More importantly, last year haj scam and NICL scandal present gruesome picture of good governance in Pakistan. After government, it is public servant, who is responsible for good governance. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, since its creation there had been bureaucratic lobbyist group, that had influenced government decision making process invariably. This is, a grim scenario, in the politico bureaucratic history of Pakistan. In contrary to this,civil servants had played positive role during rescue, relief and rehabilitation phases of October 2005 earth quake and summer flash floods of 2010 respectively.

Public servant is literate elite and permanent pillar of state for managing public affairs . He plays pivotal role between ruling elite and ruled ones. Any defection in the pivotal(public servant) will bring collusion between two extremes. And can bring two extremes to hostility, collapsing established political set up as it had happened in past. Public servant can play numerous roles in addressing issues related to global warming, poverty alleviation, unemployment, and different social, economic and political issues.

Public servant is indispensable for good governance, provided he should perform his duties and render services as envisaged in the constitution. Hazrat Omar (R. A),Second caliph of Islam, once remarked that he would be accountable before ALLAH ALMIGHTY, if a dog remained hungry on the bank of Tigris and /or Euphrates. This, is what,good governance is required, in its outright essence and total reality. At last but not least, let us end hypocrisy and enhance democracy to make progress and serve people, in its, true entirety of good governance and as per ideals laid down by the constitution.