Who Is a mass communicator? A mass communicator Is the one who has the ability to reach out to a number of people and put across his opinions and influence people in some way or the other. According to me, Mahatma Gandhi was an effective mass communicator. He had the ability to convince people to accept his views and opinions and he influenced the entire nation in a major way. Perhaps, that's the reason he came to be known as the "Father Of The Nation". To be a good communicator, a person should understand the psychology of people Hess addressing to. We say that the young generation is the future of the nation.

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So a good communicator should have the ability to reach out to the youth in such a way, that he can put his point across, and the young teens understand what he's trying to say. According to me, a mass communicator should have good communication skills. He is well aware of what he's talking about, has an excellent command over the language he intends to use when speaking to the masses and Is fluent In his language, He uses simple words so that even a layman knows what he's trying to put across and makes sure that the tone of his voice isn't monotonous which may lead to the disinterest of the asses.

He should make It a point that his body language, or the gestures he uses, sends the correct message across to the masses. He keeps an open mind when he's addressing and has the ability and the humility to take criticisms in a positive way. The two very Important factors that need to be kept In check, when a person Is talking to the masses, are his attitude and his patience. A mass communicator must have a positive attitude, which will reflect in his views and opinions and help people Interpret them in the right way and also be patient enough to listen to the people ND to understand what they are trying to say.

He should be determined to influence the masses with his views , opinions and must have the courage to stand up for what he believes In. The last and the most Important quality that I look for In a mass communicator is him keeping his goal in mind. He should never falter from his goal and always talk along the lines of what his goals are. All of the qualities stated above, are Influenced by this very quality. Summing It up, a mass communicator should never fail to implement these qualities, while talking to the masses, in order to make a huge impact over them.