My Outing with Classmates This past May I had the pleasure of going bowling with several classmates. Abdullah, Lavas, Erik, Ashley, and Jill are all in my organizational behavior class and we had the opportunity to spend time together thanks to an assignment in that class. I had a great time. I have been bowling since I was eleven years old and I have always enjoyed it. We divided into teams and bowled together. Everyone was very nice and it was easy to talk to them.

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I learned more about my classmates in a couple of hours of bowling than I had learned about them in class. I was impressed by how comfortable it felt. Just the fact that we were all together doing something physical was fun. It was fun to compete, too, but I don't even remember the scores. In fact, all I remember was chatting with my classmates. They were all intelligent, friendly people and I realized that it probably would have been impossible for me to meet them in public and spend time with them without this assignment.

It is funny that it took a school assignment for me to make friends with people. I reflected on this and I realized that I had taken dozens of classes and did not know most of the people in my classes. This assignment made it possible for all of us to get to know each other. I intend to do this kind of thing more often in the future. There may be friends sitting right next to me who I don't even know.