Topics include analyses of he underlying forces in international trade, opportunities and threats in the world market, estimation of market potential, regional differences in customer behavior, and the formulation, implementation, and control of global strategies. Required Reading Warren J. Keenan & Mark C. Green, Global Marketing, Seventh Etalon. Pearson Education, 2013. (Sixth Edition (201 1 ) also acceptable) Conceptual materials will be presented through lectures, class discussions, and case applications included in each chapter.

Participants are expected to preview all materials (PDF files and cases) prior to the associated sessions, and to actively articulate In all discussions. Course Requirements Executive summaries (SEES) (60%): Participants are to prepare ten executive summaries (one page each) which give (a) a concise statement of the major issue(s) faced by their organizations, relevant to the chapters assigned for each session and (b) specific recommendations with supporting rationale.

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All ten SEES are to be written for the same global organization, preferably one that you hope to work for In the future. Use 1 2-opt font and 1. 5 line spacing; submit in hard copy on due date, at the beginning of the class session. No late submissions will be accepted. Oral participation (40%): All students are expected to attend and participate in all sessions. The oral participation grade will be based upon the quality and quantity of individual contributions during class sessions and case discussions.

The number of points assigned for POP is objective, not arbitrary, and will be based upon weekly records of your contributions to class discussions. Every absence and/or late attendance (more than 15 minutes) will result In point deductions, since I believe that differentiated from those who are not physically present at all. You may miss up to one-third of the class sessions, but anything more than that may result in a failing grade for the course.